Friends of Serenity Fund Wallets for East Lancashire

Published on: 11/04/2019

MAMA Academy’s Wellbeing Wallets are currently being distributed within over 70 NHS Trusts, as part of the governments stillbirth strategy to reduce stillbirth by 50% by 2025. The content on the wallet forms part of the DH and Sands safer pregnancy messaging and we are working in partnership with NHS England on a mission for every mother to receive one by next year.

East Lancashire are the most recent to benefit

The charity, Friends of Serenity have funded 7500 Wellbeing Wallets to East Lancashire Hospital to help reduce stillbirths and save babies lives, something that they are extremely passionate about. They have ordered a years supply of Wellbeing Wallets to empower the parents of East Lancashire with the vital information they need throughout their pregnancy. The wallets have already arrived at East Lancashire’s Antenatal Department, and will be distributed out to pregnant women at their dating scan.

Louise Bardon, the bereavement midwife at East Lancashire Hospital says:

“Thank you to Friends of Serenity for supporting this project, and all our parents and families for your very generous donations!”

Click the link below to learn more about the fundraising and events by the Friends of Serenity.

Positive feedback from parents and professionals

A pilot generously funded by NHS England, saw 80,000 Wellbeing Wallets distributed within 15 NHS Trusts across the country. All of the trusts reported a decrease in stillbirth rates whist the wallets were in use.

We have received many testimonies that show the information printed on the wallets has undoubtedly saved babies’ lives.

Take a look at the feedback from the families who have already received their wallet:

“Due to this folder, I rang the midwives when my little ones movements slowed down. He was born by emergency C Section at just 30 weeks…He has had a tough life so far, but Joshua has come through fighting.”

“My folder has given me the confidence to call up if I have any doubts or worries, and each time I have been given medical advice on what to do next. I wouldn’t have any idea on whether to call or not if it wasn’t for reading this every time I sit at an appointment.”

“When my baby stopped moving as much I knew I needed to get it checked. I had read my folder when waiting for appointments so I had the confidence to ring. I remained in hospital and delivered my boy after a rapid labour of 1 hour 17 minutes! He became wedged and the labour became a medical emergency. If I had ignored my gut feeling, due to the speed, I doubt I’d of made it to hospital and my boy may not of made it. I am eternally grateful for the folder, that reassured me to trust my instincts, thank you.”

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To find further information on the pilot and audit, you can see the full report by clicking on the link below.


In order to save more babies lives, MAMA Academy is now seeking sponsors to help fund the wallets for more NHS Trusts around the UK. You can also buy a Wellbeing Wallet for yourself, or even as a gift for a pregnant friend in our online shop!