MAMA Academy Awards

Welcome to the MAMA Awards 2024 – Celebrating All of Our Incredible Healthcare Professionals! 

19th November 2024

We are absolutely thrilled to extend our warm invitation to you for our Annual MAMA Award Ceremony this year. This special event aims to celebrate the unwavering dedication and hard work of all healthcare professionals, midwives, student midwives, bereavement midwives, and the entire healthcare team who tirelessly support expectant parents and their babies. 

This award ceremony is a testament to our heartfelt desire to honour and acknowledge the exceptional efforts of those at the forefront of healthcare during challenging times.

At MAMA Academy, we firmly believe in the importance of recognising and rewarding exceptional individuals who consistently go above and beyond to make a positive impact on maternal and infant health. 

We have been profoundly inspired by the resilience and dedication of healthcare professionals, both during the pandemic and ever since. The MAMA Awards serve as a small token of our sincere appreciation for their tireless efforts.

We cordially invite you to join in this joyous celebration by nominating your friends, family members, colleagues, or any healthcare professional you know who has demonstrated extraordinary care, compassion, and dedication in their field. 

We welcome stories of those who have made a significant impact on your lives or the lives of others. Additionally, if you wish to suggest an additional category or would like to sponsor one of our awards, please get in touch with Dora at 

Nominations close: 15th September 2024.

The 2023 MAMA Awards took place virtually on Tuesday 14th November at 7.30 pm.

The winners were selected by our prestigious judging panel and announced during the ceremony. Each deserving winner received a certificate and a prestigious award, commemorating their outstanding achievements.

If you couldn’t make it live, no need to worry as we recorded the ceremony!


We are delighted to have Irwin Mitchell as our official partner this year!

The categories are as follows:


Midwife of the Year – sponsored by: K2 Medical Systems

Any midwife who may have supported you or someone you know. Celebrate these exceptional individuals who work long hours and in challenging circumstances to help expectant parents and deliver babies. 



Maternity Team of the Year – sponsored by: Lansinoh

A team who has implemented best practice or a new initiative which has helped to save babies lives.



Healthcare Professional of the Year – sponsored by: Laborie

Any HCP that has gone above and beyond to deliver exceptional care. This could be a GP, Consultant, Maternity Support Worker or Care Assistant.


Specialist Midwife of the Year –

Nominate a digital midwife or other specialist who is outstanding in their role. This could also be a bereavement midwife who has gone above and beyond to support parents who have lost their baby.


Independent Midwife of the Year –

Nominate your independent midwife who supported you throughout your journey and made you feel confident and reassured throughout your pregnancy.


Student Midwife of the Year – 

Nominate a student midwife who supported you throughout your journey and made you feel confident and reassured throughout your pregnancy.


Student Mentor of the Year – 

Any mentor who has inspired you during your degree either at University or in a practise setting, to support you throughout your training period.


Maternity Ambassador of the Year – 

Any doula, antenatal or hypnobirthing teacher, blogger or charity worker who has excelled in caring for expectant parents, their babies or raised awareness of pregnancy conditions to help save babies lives.


Business of the Year – 

A corporate company that has either supported a pregnancy/ baby charity financially OR has developed an innovative product or service to improve outcomes for expectant parents or their precious babies.


Lifetime Achievement of the Year – 

An individual who has dedicated their life or career to campaigning, serving the public or raising awareness to help save more babies lives.


Registration to attend in November will open soon.. See you there!

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