A Fourth Trimester?

Life with a newborn baby can be a challenging time for any new parents, with first timers finding it as difficult as those with other younger children, or after a bit of a gap! It’s important in this time to take care and support each other, and utilise support from family and friends where it’s offered.

Upon discharge from hospital, or after a homebirth, your midwife will visit you to provide postnatal care. The level of care is usually decided between yourself and your midwife, and may be a mixture of home visits and postnatal clinics.

Your midwife will provide information on caring for yourself and your baby in this time, and will give support with infant feeding. It’s important to use this time to discuss any worries you have about yourself or your baby, including your emotional wellbeing.

Some parents and parenting educators describe a theory called the fourth trimester, where the first 3 months of a baby’s life should be spent making the transition from the womb to outside life. This includes keeping baby close, taking time to rest and bond as a family.