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We are extremely proud to be working alongside the very beautiful:

Marina Fogle

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Marina Fogle is the co-founder of The Bump Class, which provides informative, impartial and practical advice to pregnant women in London.  Along with her sister, Dr Chiara Hunt she has written a book, The Bump Class Guide to Pregnancy and the Early Months which will be published by Random House in February 2016.  Marina has two children, Ludo and Iona.  Her youngest son Willem was stillborn in 2014.  In spite of this tragedy, Marina remains motherhood’s biggest advocate.   As well as teaching at The Bump Class, she juggles writing for various newspapers and magazines about pregnancy and motherhood with looking after her children and two dogs.  Marina and her family live in West London.

“I am honoured to have been asked to be a patron for Mama Academy.  Losing a baby is every mother’s worst nightmare but unfortunately the UK has one of the highest stillbirth rates of any developed country.  Professionals agree that up to a third of these stillbirths may be preventable.  Mama Academy’s ambitious plan has already been attributed with lowering the stillbirth rate in one UK hospital, but if I can help in their mission to distribute wallets nationwide and if we can prevent even one stillbirth, then it makes the senselessness of my personal loss, just a little bit more understandable.”