Carry Their Names

Oh the places you'll go - Dr Seuss

We are delighted to announce the much-anticipated return of our beloved #CarryTheirNames campaign for 2024, and this year, we have an exciting twist in store. The campaign runs from now until October, concluding with Baby Loss Awareness Week from 9th to 15th October.


Welcome to the 2024 Carry Their Names campaign, a yearly initiative by MAMA Academy to honour and remember our precious babies who are no longer with us. Each year, approximately 4,500 babies are stillborn or pass away shortly after birth in the UK, which equates to about 13 babies every day. We aim to make a difference by carrying their names with us during our summer adventures, raising awareness, and cherishing their memories.

Join the Campaign

As you embark on your summer journeys, whether to the park, the beach, or special family events, we invite you to carry your child’s name with you. Share your photos using #CarryTheirNames to allow us to join you in cherishing these precious memories. This campaign is open to bereaved families, uncles, aunties, grandparents, and friends, enabling everyone to remember the babies who are no longer with us and raise awareness about baby loss.

New for 2024: Group Skydive Fundraiser

This year, we’re excited to introduce our main fundraiser – a group skydive event and picnic. Join us on August 31st at Langar Airfield in Nottingham for this exciting event, where you can honour the memory of your precious baby by having their name carried on the shirt of a skydiver or by taking the leap yourself!

How to Participate in the Skydive Tribute:

  1. I’d like my babies’ name to be on a skydiver’s shirt.
  2. I’d like to participate.

Your baby’s name will soar through the skies, symbolising their presence and supporting MAMA Academy’s mission to prevent stillbirths and empower parents with essential knowledge.

Why Participate?

– Raise Awareness: Join a community of bereaved families and supporters raising awareness about baby loss.

– Support Lifesaving Work: Every donation helps fund MAMA Academy’s efforts, including stillbirth prevention tools and educational resources for expectant parents and healthcare professionals.

Learn More About the Skydive Here.

Carry Their Names Hearts

Join us in honouring the precious memories of babies no longer with us by purchasing a #CarryTheirNames heart. These beautifully crafted hearts are available in three colours: Blue, Pink, and Grey. Each heart is priced at £10, and the proceeds go directly to supporting MAMA Academy’s mission. You can learn more about our Carry Their Names hearts here.

If you’d like to fundraise for us while you Carry Their Names we’ve put together this quick guide below. However, if you need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us:

How to Fundraise

Quick and Easy Facebook Fundraiser:

  1. Log in to Facebook on your computer.
  2. Tap the Menu (top right).
  3. Select Fundraiser.
  4. Choose MAMA Academy.
  5. Share your page with family and friends.

Online JustGiving Page:

  1. Visit JustGiving.
  2. Click “Fundraise For Us”.
  3. Log in/register.
  4. Select “Remembering Someone”.
  5. Set up your memorial page.

Campaign Recap:

– Register to receive a heart to carry.

– Set up your Fundraiser.

– Share your page with family and friends.

– Share your photos via #CarryTheirNames.

Join Us

You’re now ready to Carry Their Names and create memories. Challenge yourself to carry your heart over a certain distance or take it to places that hold special significance for you, while asking your loved ones to sponsor your journey.

We can’t wait to witness the incredible journeys your hearts will undertake. Share your inspiring stories with us on social media with #CarryTheirNames and tagging @mamaacademy.

A heartfelt thank you from all of us at MAMA Academy as we stand together in #BabyLossAwareness, honouring our precious babies and making a meaningful difference.