Know Your Blood Group

There are lots of different blood groups. The two main groups are known as the “ABO groups” and the “Rhesus groups”.

You can be any of the following groups; A, O, B or AB. Each of these groups will also be either Rhesus positive or negative as well.

Examples:- O positive, A negative, AB positive, B negative.

Rhesus Negative

Rhesus Negative

If you are Rhesus negative you will be given injections throughout your pregnancy of a product called “anti-D”. This stops you forming antibodies against your baby’s blood.

If you have any vaginal bleeding in your pregnancy, you will be given another anti-D injection.

After you have given birth, your baby (or babies) will have his blood group tested. If he is Rhesus negative too, then you will not need any more anti-D. If he is Rhesus positive, you will be given a standard amount of anti-D and then have a blood test to see if you have been given enough.