PBCN Manifesto 2021

In recent months, the Pregnancy & Babies Charities Network has taken time to reflect upon, review, and revise their manifesto. MAMA Academy has been part of this network for a number of years and is proud to put our name to this important partnership working.

The Covid 19 pandemic has shone a bright light on many known inequalities faced by new and expectant parents and their babies. It has emphasised that much more needs to be done to reduce inequalities and improve outcomes.  The PBCN’s revised manifesto outlines the work the network does as a collective, holding decision-makers to account and encouraging positive change for all families, regardless of ethnicity, income, or circumstance. As a member of the PBCN, we are hopeful that the focus and actions highlighted in the updated manifesto can make a difference.

Whilst we want you to be aware of this very important work, it may be a difficult read for some, so please pause and consider your self-care before reading the full manifesto here.

You can also view the full list of charities involved within the PBCN here.