The Next Pregnancy

Every bereaved parent will feel extremely anxious entering a pregnancy after the loss of a baby and will need lots of extra care and reassurance. The timing of a next pregnancy after loss is a very individual decision and one that only they can make to help with the healing process. Ask them what they would find helpful in terms of extra appointments with their consultant.

Parents Needs

Parents Needs

A bereaved parent is more likely to want:

  • An early antenatal appointment with their consultant
  • An early scan
  • Early appointments with their midwife
  • Extra information and tests
  • A clear plan
  • Flexibility for extra scans and appointments around vulnerable times
  • To avoid repeating their story
  • Tailored care and consistent advice

All staff should make sure they have read through their antenatal notes and refer to their previous baby by name. It’s important to choose your language carefully when addressing complications as parents experiencing pregnancy after loss will be extra sensitive and prone to depression. If possible, make the appointments early in the morning so they wont be faced with too many other expectant parents and make sure their consultant can attend. If their consultant can’t be at their next appointment, perhaps introduce them to the senior registrar who can attend. When discussing the delivery of their baby, try to take into account at what stage they lost their baby last time and whether it would be appropriate to induce them before that stage in this pregnancy.