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It’s our mission to raise awareness of baby and child loss, the support available to families, and to challenge outdated notions of closure and strength, acknowledging the complexity and individuality of the grieving process.

The CuddleCot can offer families the time to create precious memories, keep their baby close, enable family and friends to meet their baby, and the time to make necessary arrangements after a death.

Information for Healthcare Professionals

The undeniable significance of quality bereavement care for families

Quality bereavement care is of paramount importance to bereaved families before, during, and after loss for several reasons. 

Firstly, it provides families with essential emotional support and guidance as they navigate the complexities of grief. This support helps them cope with the intense emotions and challenges they may face, such as shock, sadness, guilt, and anger.

Secondly, quality bereavement care acknowledges the unique needs and experiences of each family, ensuring that they feel heard, understood, and respected throughout their journey. This personalised approach fosters trust and empathy between families and healthcare professionals, creating a supportive environment where families can openly express their feelings, wishes and concerns.

Additionally, quality bereavement care helps families preserve and honour the memory of their baby. It empowers them to create meaningful rituals, memories, and keepsakes that celebrate their baby’s life and legacy. These acts of remembrance provide comfort and solace to families as they grieve the loss of their child and are facilitated with cooling devices like the CuddleCot and CuddleBlanket.

Finally, quality bereavement care extends beyond the immediate aftermath of loss to provide ongoing support and resources for families as they navigate life after loss. This long-term support helps families heal and adjust to their new reality, ensuring that they feel supported and connected throughout their grief journey.

What does CuddleCot training offer healthcare professionals?

CuddleCot’s clinical led, and evidence-based training offers healthcare professionals the confidence to care for bereaved parents effectively before, during, and after loss. 

Our comprehensive training program equips professionals with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to provide compassionate and personalised care to grieving families. 

From raising awareness about the importance of bereavement support to enabling healthcare professionals to take actionable steps to support families through their grief journey, our training covers every aspect of bereavement care. 

By empowering professionals with the tools and confidence to address the unique needs of bereaved parents, we can help to ensure that families receive the support and understanding they deserve during one of the most challenging times in their lives.

We also recognise the mental toll that caring for bereaved families can have on healthcare professionals. That’s why we include helpful tips, resources and practical ways to take care of your mental health on our training days and in our eLearning.

From comprehension to compassionate bereavement care and professional development

CuddleCot have FREE easily accessible, quality e-learning modules available to healthcare professional who play a role in the care of bereaved families. 

Modules cover a range of topics, including language and communication with bereaved families, how to care for a baby that has died and more. 

Our clinical-led training can also be delivered face-to-face in a safe, non-judgmental environment, helping to build professional confidence in providing bereavement care. 

For further information you can contact CuddleCot directly at: or by visiting:

What is a CuddleCot? Why is it important?

At CuddleCot, we believe that every family deserves the opportunity to create lasting memories with their precious baby should they wish to. That’s where our innovative cooling system plays a crucial role in providing them with the gift of time. 

The CuddleCot works by keeping baby cool to preserve their condition, whilst not too cool the parents can’t hold baby. 

Unlike a traditional cold cot, the CuddleCot enables families to hold their baby in their arms without compromising baby’s condition by removing baby from the refrigerated unit. Learn more here.

Our technology not only supports their emotional healing but also fosters a sense of connection and closure by allowing parents to spend precious time with their baby after loss. 

We are committed to supporting and empowering healthcare professionals and organisations to deliver gold standard, compassionate bereavement care. Equipping them with the essential knowledge and skills, ensures that every family receives an individualised package of care that sensitively meets their needs.

The far reaching consequences of quality bereavement care

Effective bereavement care provided through initiatives like the CuddleCot and CuddleCot bereavement care training can significantly enhance the emotional and psychological well-being of bereaved families. By offering compassionate support, validation of emotions, and practical coping strategies, healthcare professionals contribute to reducing the risk of prolonged grief, depression, and anxiety among parents and family members.

Quality bereavement care challenges societal taboos and stigma surrounding baby loss, fostering greater awareness, empathy, and understanding within communities. By promoting open dialogue, education, and support for bereaved families, healthcare professionals play a critical role in shifting cultural attitudes towards grief and loss.

CuddleCot also provides a free online GriefChat service, where anyone can chat directly to a specially trained bereavement counsellor Monday-Friday 9am-9pm (except bank holidays). This service is for anyone affected by grief, taking the time to look after ourselves can help us continue to provide excellent bereavement care for others. 

To learn more about our baby and child loss bereavement care study day, or to sign up for our free online eLearning bereavement care modules, visit:

Reference: Silverman and Klass (1996) Continuing bonds, new understandings of grief

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