Flo Health

Flo Health

Flo Health is the world’s most popular female health app. Over 350 million people around the globe use Flo as their ovulation and period tracker app, fertility calendar, and pregnancy assistant.

About Flo Health

Who can use Flo Health?

Flo is designed for anyone looking to track their menstrual cycle, understand their body better, achieve pregnancy, and monitor their baby’s development. Your partner can join you on this journey too! By sharing a unique code, your partner can access the app, allowing you both to stay connected and informed about your health and your baby’s growth.

How can I activate the Flo Pregnancy tracker?

When filling out the quiz here, indicate that you are pregnant. Once you download the app, you will have everything ready according to the information you filled out.

How does it work?

Week by week pregnancy tracker

Every day, you will receive new health insights and useful advice according to how far along you are, as well as other interesting content.

By default, the app calculates your pregnancy starting from the first day of your last period. If necessary, you can adjust the week manually.

When the baby is born, you can disable Pregnancy Mode the same way you enabled it or by clicking “Settings” on the circle and selecting “My baby was born!” (or “My babies were born!”) on the next screen.

Ovulation tracker for getting pregnant

Predict your likely fertile days and find out how to prepare your body for getting pregnant. Your go-to source of information about fertility and ovulation.

Period and cycle tracker

Easily track your period and set cycle-related reminders. You’ll know when your period is predicted to come—and which symptoms you might expect at different stages of your cycle.

Getting Pregnant

How can Flo help me on my path to pregnancy?

Learn everything you need to know about getting pregnant with evidence-based insights from experts. Get tips for timing conception sex to maximize your chances. Nearly 9 million women got pregnant while tracking their ovulation with Flo. Harness the power of your body signals by tracking your cycle so you can learn how to find your best days to conceive.

Can I track my fertile days with Flo?

We only have a small fertile window each month during which we can conceive. You can track your period and ovulation in Flo, and get accurate predictions for your upcoming cycles.

Can my partner track my pregnancy?

Looking for a period-tracking app that you can share with your partner? Or a way to make trying to conceive more of a team effort? Or a pregnancy app for partners? Flo’s got you covered! Flo for Partners offers them medical insights and proactive tips to better support and understand you, both physically and emotionally — whatever your goal. Yep, we even know how to explain period pain and PMS to your partner, so they get what it feels like.

Can I talk to other users?

Yes. Flo Secret Chats — a safe digital community where you can anonymously discuss health- and wellness-related topics and get support from millions of other Flo users worldwide. It’s a cool place to share personal experiences and gain a broader sense of what others like you are going through.