Pregnancy Passports

MAMA Academy is delighted to launch the brand new Pregnancy Passport to continue to help more babies arrive safely. Following on from our hugely successful Wellbeing Wallets which have proved to reduce stillbirths significantly, we have created an A5 Pregnancy Passport for Trusts that are now digital/ paper light. The Pregnancy Passport contains all of the Department of Health’s official safer pregnancy messaging and perfectly compliments the NHS Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle.


A recent Digital Maturity Assessment showed that parents still require handheld information to read as well as digital information.

The passports are designed to fit inside a handbag and essential information such as blood group and risk factors can be written within it in case the digital notes cannot be accessed for any reason.

The Passports also act as a checklist for midwives to discuss important topics and there is a folder clip and pouch inside to secure growth charts and other documents.

Since this video was made, we have been busy exploring alternative materials to improve our environmental impact and are now pleased to present a new laminated card version which is wipe clean and 100% recyclable.

Pregnancy Passports are available to purchase from our shop for just £2 + P&P.

NHS Trusts

An MBRRACE report in 2019 stated that:

“Transitions between services and across systems are risk points in women’s care and have proved, time and time again, to be where women are vulnerable to falling through the cracks.”

Join many other NHS Trusts by distributing Pregnancy Passports at booking in appointments.

Please email for your free samples and bulk prices.

Together we can help more babies arrive safely.