Our Mission

To empower all maternity professionals and expectant parents on stillbirth prevention methods to help more babies arrive safely.

Research shows that so many stillbirths are preventable. Together, we can make a real difference and save lives.

Heidi Eldridge - Founder and CEO

Saving Lives Together

Carry Their Names Challenge

We will forever carry them in our hearts. Let’s see how far we can carry their names. How many miles can we acheive together in their memory to save future little lives?

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Carry Their Names - Heart being carried

Wellbeing Wallets

“Every mum-to-be’s must have”

Our Wellbeing Wallets are just the right size to hold pregnancy notes and take the guesswork away of when it’s important to call your maternity unit to get checked out.

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Wellbeing Wallets - Dr Ranj

Latest News

  • Inspiring Coventry Team, Saving Babies' Lives

    We love sharing good practice and last Wednesday, we were lucky to be invited to Coventry Hospital to help out wit...

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  • Recent trial shows popular ICP drug is ineffective

    A UK based randomised and controlled trial which tested the drug ursodeoxycholic acid (urso) against a placebo tre...

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  • Wellbeing Wallets arrive at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

    We are delighted that Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals now have our Wellbeing Wallets, with many thanks to...

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Babies Saved

  • Baby Devin


    Lucy was 28 weeks pregnant and she started feeling reduced movements.  After looking at her MAMA Wellbeing Wallet...

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  • Theia


    Theia’s Mum contacted us to let us know that she had the confidence to question being dismissed, following readi...

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  • Baby Caiden


    Vikki contacted us to let us know the difference our Wellbeing Wallets have made for her and her baby. She said: "...

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