Baby Noble

Would just like to thank you for the advice wallet that we were given when my wife was pregnant. It helped us decide to go to the hospital several times when we were worried about reduced movement throughout the pregnancy, in each case it was fine, apart from the last time, 3 days before the due date. We almost didn’t go to the hospital that night as in each previous time it had turned out to be nothing; however, thankfully we did and it turned out there was a problem, our baby was in distress and we rapidly had an emergency caesarian section. Turned out the placenta had stopped working properly so the baby was not getting sufficient oxygen, hence the reduced movement. Luckily we had got to the hospital and or daughter was fine, she has now turned 10 months and is crawling everywhere.

I would like to reiterate the advice on the wallet, if you are worried call the hospital, do not feel you are being a nuisance or anything like that, just do it – as you never know when it is no longer you worrying but a real crisis. If we hadn’t gone that night we probably wouldn’t have our daughter now.

As Christians we thank God daily for our beautiful daughter, and we firmly believe He worked through your organisation so we took notice at the time that mattered.