MAMA Wellbeing Wallets reduce stillbirths by 60%!

Published on: 05/04/2019

The Sandwell & West Midlands Trust is responsible for hospitals that take patients from Birmingham, West Bromwich, Sandwell and Smethwick. They are dedicated to improving the lives of local people, and maintaining their outstanding reputation in teaching and education, which has been reflected in their recent mission to reduce the number of stillbirths across the region.

The staff at Sandwell & West Midlands Trust have reported a significant reduction in the number of stillbirths at their hospitals since implementing the MAMA Wellbeing Wallets, and improving the awareness of reduced fetal movement to expectant mothers.

Previous stillbirth numbers

2014: 13 babies
2015: 16 babies
2016: 14 babies
2017: 14 babies

2018: 5 babies

In 2018 the trust began to provide the Wellbeing Wallets, and started to display large baby footprints around the maternity department. This prompted expecting mothers to ask about the footprints, which allowed the natural flow of conversation, and an important discussion of reduced fetal movement to take place. Since these additions were made, the trust reported a total of 5 stillbirths for that year. In comparison to their previous numbers, that is a reduction of just over 60% in 12 months.

Wellbeing Wallets receive positive feedback

A pilot generously funded by NHS England, saw 80,000 Wellbeing Wallets distributed within 15 NHS Trusts across the country. All of the trusts reported a decrease in stillbirth rates whist the wallets were in use. We have received many testimonies that show the information printed on the wallets has undoubtedly saved babies’ lives. We are working in partnership with NHS England on a mission for every mother to receive one by next year so if your hospital, maternity department, or GP surgery doesn’t yet have theirs, please tell them to contact us here. To find further information on the pilot and audit, you can see the full report by clicking on the link below.

For a recent success story, here is baby Amelia from Lincolnshire, who arrived safely thanks to the vital information printed on the MAMA Wallet handed to her parents at the start of their pregnancy. The wallet told Bev Jackson to “trust her instincts” and this resulted in baby Amelia being delivered by an emergency C- Section six weeks early.

Parents can also purchase a MAMA Wellbeing Wallet for their antenatal notes in the MAMA shop.