Inspiring Coventry Team, Saving Babies' Lives

Published on: 05/09/2019

We love sharing good practice and last Wednesday, we were lucky to be invited to Coventry Hospital to help out with their Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle Version 2 launch.

What is the Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle?

Saving Babies’ Lives V2 is a care bundle consisting of 5 key elements, currently being rolled out to all hospitals in England in order to save more babies’ lives. The government has a target to half stillbirth rates by 2025. The first version of the care bundle, based on research over previous years recognised 4 key elements to be addressed to help save future babies’ lives. These were:

> Reducing smoking in pregnancy.

> Risk assessment and surveillance in growth restriction.

> Raising awareness of reduced movements.

> Effective monitoring during labour.

Version 1 was tested across 19 trusts and the SPiRE report published at the end of July 2018 reported a 20% overall decrease in stillbirths. The second version of the bundle builds on the learning from version 1 and addresses issues that had been identified. It also takes into account subsequent findings from research such as the AFFIRM study, with protocols aimed at reducing unnecessary interventions.

The new element added to the bundle focusses on reducing preterm birth which was introduced following the Department of Heath’s Safer Maternity Care report. This looks at three areas and in particular prediction, prevention and better preparation where preterm birth is unavoidable.

Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle V2 Launch, Coventry

The bundle really does make a difference and Gaynor Armstrong who is based at Coventry Hospital is passionate about this. We saw Gaynor talk at the Saving Babies’ Lives conference in February earlier this year and we were blown away to hear of a 70% reduction in stillbirths during her former role at George Eliot Hospital, fully implementing the elements of the bundle. It is incredible to think of all those families who were able to take their babies home. So Gaynor knows all too well how effective the bundle can be and also recognises that each geographical area is different with its own unique challenges. That’s why we are really keen to share examples of great practice wherever possible to help inspire others too.

One of the findings from SPiRE was that, despite implementing the elements, around 42% of frontline staff were not aware of the bundle itself. How do you ensure that 100% of staff know about the bundle and are passionate about its impact in saving little lives? The team at Coventry arranged a launch day to do just that. A display in the foyer of the women and children’s entrance meant that parents and staff could come over to talk about the care bundle, all the elements and the aim. 

Awareness for Expectant Parents

Items for parents consisting of a banner pen, a magnet and a keyring with a trolly coin attached all with the movements matter message on them were given out, along with a booklet with all the information inside about the care bundle. We were very impressed with the fetal wellbeing unit and absolute assurance in all of the literature reassuring expectant mums that they are welcome at any time to come in if they are concerned about their baby’s movements, no matter how many times this happens.

It was amazing to see our Wellbeing Wallets everywhere too and hear wonderful feedback about them.

Awareness for Staff

All of the different departments were visited with a trolly with movements matter biscuits for staff (who doesn’t love a biscuit!?) and staff items including a banner pen and booklet explaining all of the five elements of the care bundle were given out. Each staff member signed to say they had received a booklet and by the end of the day there were hundreds of signatures! There was a real buzz around the hospital which was great to see. For the staff members not in that day? A daily meeting is held for all maternity staff and booklets and pens will be handed out until everyone has received one.

What a wonderful, well planned way to raise awareness of the saving babies’ lives care bundle v2, with lasting reminders (like the pens and booklets) to ensure it stays in people’s minds. Well done to the amazing team. We can not wait to see what a difference you are making and hear about all the little lives you have saved. We love meeting inspiring teams like this, passionate about saving lives. 

Stillbirth is NOT just one of those things! Is your hospital doing incredible things too? How are you making sure staff and parents are aware of the bundle? Please get in touch with so that we can talk about your inspiring work too.

Feeling Inspired

Why not book a place at the Saving Babies Lives: Reducing Stillbirth Conference on Monday 11th November 2019? Gaynor Armstrong will be talking about the launch and her experience in implementing the bundle. You can find out more and book your place here:  or email

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