Wellbeing Wallets improve pregnancy outcomes

Published on: 24/06/2016

MAMA Academy is delighted to release the findings of an audit conducted to measure the impact of our Wellbeing Wallets.

The wallets have been implemented via the community midwives at the booking in appointments within various sites in London since August 2015, and in April 2016, the London Strategic Clinical Network carried out an audit in St.George’s and Lewisham & Greenwich trusts. The audit took place over two days in the Day Assessment Units, via a short questionnaire completed by both the women who attended and the midwives in their care. The findings were presented at the London Head Of Midwifery meeting last month.

With the majority of women participating being in the third trimester of pregnancy, over 70% reported using the wallets regularly. 14% and 10% reported that their attendance at the day assessment unit was prompted by the wallet; with reasons mainly for reduced baby movements, but including warning signs of other significant health conditions including pre-eclampsia. Women did not report any anxiety being caused by the presence of the wallets. The vast majority of women felt the information on the wallets was clear (81% and 80%). Importantly, a large section of the participants (30% and 38%) reported English as being their second language, and we are reassured that they still felt the information was accessible and clear.

The staff survey demonstrated that women and their families found the wallets helpful in detecting early signs of potential problems, and that the wallets did not cause unnecessary attendance with some reporting that the wallets had a positive impact on reducing anxiety.

Drawing on evidence produced by SANDS and the MBRRACE reports which found that opportunities to act on women’s concerns about their baby’s wellbeing were missed, the audit considered the role of the Wellbeing Wallets in improving pregnancy outcomes. They now intend to increase the survey across all London sites distributing the wallets, with a consideration being given to whether women were satisfied with the response they received from the maternity team in relation to their attendance.

The audit was overseen by:

Nicola Mackintosh, KIS post-doctoral fellow

Jane Sandall, Professor, Women’s Health

Heidi Eldridge, MAMA Academy

Michaela Adeniji, London SCN

Feedback received from other participating trusts includes:

“One mum who self referred herself to hospital with fetal movement concerns had an immediate emergency c-section due to a pathological CTG. She reported that she had rung because she had been prompted by the message on her wallet. She felt she may not have done so if she didn’t have the constant reminder in front of her.”

For more information, please visit our Wellbeing Wallet page or email us for your trust to receive a free trial batch.