Baby Loss Awareness Week, 9th - 15th October 2018

Published on: 08/10/2018

We are one of 60 strong charities that come together during Baby Loss Awareness Week (9th – 15th October) to help break the silence surrounding the loss of a baby.

We are going to be busy on our Social Media pages during awareness week. Please find out below what will be happening on our channels and whatever your circumstances may be, please join with us in helping to break the silence.

Why does there need to be awareness?

There are a number of reasons that awareness is so important. As a stillbirth prevention charity, the one we need to mention of course is that awareness saves lives. If baby loss remains a subject we are too scared to talk about, nothing will ever change. Why is it so hard to talk about? Well, lets face it, it’s terrifying! Can you think of anything more frightening than losing a child?
But, we need to hold on to the fact that knowing about baby loss and others experiences really does not make it more likely to happen to someone else. Shared experiences actually makes it less likely, as we are empowered with the knowledge of when it is important to get checked out when pregnant for example. Whilst sharing our stories may also be therapeutic, a bereaved parent’s wish in doing this is so much more than that. It’s wishing that what happened to them does not then happen to someone else. Awareness really does save lives.

How can I join in?

There are different ways to join in with us detailed below and we would really like everyone to feel included. Even if you are not directly affected by baby loss as such, we hope you’ll stay with us as we want to show you that absolutely everyone has an impact.

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” Dalai Lama


Our #isawyou campaign will run throughout the week, the timetable of which is shown below.

What is the biggest fear when a baby has died? That our babies will be forgotten. As parents in deep grief, we can feel invisible; as family members, we feel helpless; as onlookers, we feel unable to know what to say / do which often all comes together in silence.

During baby loss awareness week, let’s explore this together. A touch from a midwife, an act from a friend, a word from a stranger. They all have so much of a bigger impact than you might think. For this awareness week, lets tell everyone how much they matter. Let’s tell them, “I saw you”. You will see the posts appear on our page throughout the week. You can tag someone, share to someone, or simply add your own comment without referring to anyone in particular. Your comments will still have great meaning to those that read them. Write your own posts if you prefer using the #isawyou hashtag. Let’s fill Social Media with #isawyou in memory of the little ones who will forever touch the world.

Tuesday 9th October – #isawyou – Mums and Dads
An opportunity to tell bereaved parents that you saw them. Maybe you saw their strength, maybe you saw their absolute love for their baby. There will be separate posts, one for Mums and one for Dads.

Wednesday 10th October – #isawyou – Midwives and health professionals
Acts taken by midwives and health professionals have a huge impact on us, but we rarely get the chance to let them know that we saw them and what they did meant to us. By the same token, midwives and health professionals are touched greatly by our losses.

Thursday 11th October – #isawyou – Grandparents and siblings
A place to tell Grandparents and siblings that you saw them too lose their grandchild / brother / sister and how devastating it was for them. Amidst drowning grief, it’s hard sometimes to put thoughts together to tell them at the time.

Friday 12th October – #isawyou – Friends and family
Perhaps someone was pregnant at the same time as you and gave you space and time. Perhaps a family member who had been through the same opened up to you making you feel less alone. Tell them #isawyou

Saturday 13th October – #isawyou – Funeral directors and strangers
There is a saying that in times of great hardship friends can become strangers and strangers can become friends. How true this can be. A simple act carried out by a funeral director, or a complete stranger can have such a huge impact. Tell them #isawyou

Sunday 14th October – #isawyou – To our babies
They may not be physically here, but to our little ones we saw you, we carried you, we love you. We can share how perfect they were to us, how they’ve changed us and how the touch of their little lives continues to impact the world.

Monday 15th October – #isawyou
A culmination of the #isawyou messages posted publicly on MAMA Academy posts will be shared in one video during the Wave Of Light. The messages will be added anonymously with just the words.

Across each of our Social Media channels, we will also be posting about what is going on elsewhere, sharing comforting quotes and asking questions giving opportunity for babies precious lives to be remembered and acknowledged.

Make a Donation

You can help MAMA Academy make a difference in reducing preventable stillbirths by making a donation in memory of your baby, or a baby who has touched your heart. If you make a donation and would like your baby’s name to appear in our video that will run during the wave of light, then please email your baby’s name to

Facebook Profile Frame

You can add our awareness frame to your profile picture by following this link here.

Wave Of Light

October 15th will mark the last day of baby loss awareness week. One lovely way to be part of breaking the silence around baby loss is to join in with the annual global wave of light. Simply light a candle wherever you are in the world at 7pm and leave your candle burning for an hour. This creates a global wave of light throughout the different timezones in memory of all the little ones who left this world too soon. Post a photo of your candle with the hashtag #WaveOfLight
Even if you have not directly been affected by the loss of a baby yourself, it will hold great meaning for anyone on your friend list that has and so please don’t feel worried about joining in if you want to.

Events around the UK

You can find events that are happening, which buildings are going pink and blue and what other charities are up to here.