Baby Lifeline takes new campaign to Downing Street

Published on: 10/03/2020

The charity Baby Lifeline has created a new major campaign to present to the Government, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to save the lives of mothers and babies. They are requesting that funding should be reinstated for a national maternity training scheme, and have published an open letter to Mr Johnson, which shares exactly what they are requesting with the public.

Baby Lifeline have hand delivered the letter to Downing Street alongside supporting organisations and campaigners, as well as MAMA Academy, calling for the immediate reinstatement of the Maternity Safety Training Fund in today’s Budget.

The letter calls for:

The immediate reinstatement of the Maternity Safety Training Fund– with a minimum value of around £19m per year.

Funding to be based on the specific needs of individual NHS organisations– taking into consideration the sizes of each maternity workforce.

Independant annual audits of maternity training carried out– To ensure all funds are being utilised as intended and allow effective evaluation of the impact.

About the Maternity Safety Training Fund:

The fund has only been made available once before in 2016, which resulted in 30,000 maternity healthcare professionals receiving training across the country, which they would not have had access to otherwise.

Despite this, unfortunately it was not continued beyond its first year. By having such a positive impact, many incidents of serious injury were avoided, which highlights why Baby Lifeline and health professionals are calling for more financial support to be shared with maternity services in the UK.

The campaign has already secured the support of the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, as well as influential senior figures who have led reviews into continued maternity care failings.

Judy Ledger, Founder of Baby Lifeline said:

“What we have here is a powerful combined voice from experienced maternity professionals, patients, affected families and the legal profession, all calling for change. This cannot be ignored and must not be ignored if avoidable deaths and injuries to mothers and babies are to be significantly reduced.

When serious incidents in maternity services occur, it can become, in effect, a devastating ‘life sentence’ of round the clock care for an injured baby and their family.

When a woman is injured during childbirth, this can also be long-lasting and devastating. Lives can change forever. For the health professionals involved, it will also something be that they will never forget or be able to come to terms with.”

MAMA Academy fully supports the campaign.

Click here to view a copy of the open letter addressed to Boris Johnson and for a chance to sign the petition open to the public, and anyone who wants to support the reinstating of the Maternity Safety Training Fund as a matter of urgency.

Please visit the Baby Lifeline Website for more information on the campaign and to keep up to date with the outcomes of the petition.