UK Uses Environmentally Friendly Pain Reliever

Published on: 23/09/2021

On the 9th September 2021, Kaja Gerskinka, was the first woman in the UK to use an environmentally friendly pain reliever
during labour with her second daughter at the Newcastle Birthing Centre.

Traditionally during labour, women have used Entonox, which releases the harmful gas nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. With this environmentally friendly alternative device called a Mobile Destruction Unit (MDU), developed by the company Medclair, the nitrous oxide is released as nitrogen and oxygen separately.

Nitrogen and oxygen are both commonly found in the atmosphere and are harmless, therefore the use of this machine limits the amount of harmful nitrous oxide hospital workers are exposed to.

Overall, the use of the MDU is a pain reliever that is easy to use, according to Ms. Gerskinka, and can be used across
maternity wards to not only support women during labour, but also encourage environmentally sustainable forms of medical equipment in maternity.

Afterwards, Ms Gersinka said: “I didn’t expect this when I came here today – I just came to have my baby – but I started on the traditional machine and then swapped over. It was quieter and much more comfortable to hold – it’s nice to make a little bit of history.”

Chris Allen, sustainable anaesthesia fellow at Newcastle Hospitals, said: “Rolling this technology out across our maternity unit can help us to continue to support women to use gas and air during labour, whilst making it as environmentally friendly as possible.”

At MAMA Academy, we are constantly thriving to provide sustainable environmentally friendly resources throughout maternity units and therefore love the idea of this new device. We hope more NHS Trusts will be given the required funds to be able to use these too.

Image Source: Sky News