Timeless Tributes

A moment in our arms, a lifetime in our hearts - Anon

Timeless tributes is a way of forever remembering your baby or other much loved relative via their own individual website. Friends and family, near or far, can share special memories, support each other and celebrate a loved one’s life in a very personal way.

Tribute websites are free to create and you, friends and family can add photos, music, videos, and even light a virtual candle in memory of your loved one – like an online memory box. At a time when family and friends may not be able to attend a funeral or memorial service due to coronavirus restrictions, a tribute is a touching way to share memories. Tributes also show the total amount raised for MAMA Academy in your loved one’s name, so that everyone who has contributed can see what they have achieved. Any money raised will create a lasting legacy of life-changing impact for future expectant families as we continue on our mission to end preventable stillbirths. Click the buttons below to create or search for a tribute.

Donations can also be made through the page, maybe in lieu of flowers, or in celebration of birthdays/anniversaries or missed milestones such as proms/ graduation events or starting school.

Any fundraising you choose to partake in can also be collected through your Timeless Tribute so no need to carry your sponsorship form around and it’s easy to share online too.

Whatever you choose we will be here to support you and help you build your personalised tribute fund.

What can I do with a tribute?

On a tribute website you can:

Add stories or upload photos, videos and music

Create a funeral notice

Make a single, occasional or regular donation in memory of someone you love

Make a regular monthly donation or at a special time of year

Create events and fundraise

Link to other fundraising pages (e.g. JustGiving)

See any money raised in your loved one’s memory in one place

How does my tribute support future families?

Any money raised through your tribute will help MAMA Academy empower more expectant parents and healthcare professionals with new and innovative baby loss prevention resources to help more babies arrive safely.

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Remember your baby by setting up a special dedicated page where you can keep all of your mementoes and celebrations in one place.

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Carry Their Names - Icons

Be inspired by other tribute pages set up in memory of a precious baby gone too soon. Tributes can also be created for other relatives to help us continue our work.