Name Guardian ( Volunteer )

We know from last year that we are likely to receive lots of precious babies’ names to be carried again this year for our campaign. We’d love to build on what we did last year by providing parents who register their baby’s name to be carried with a digital album containing all the images we have received with their little one’s name included at the end of the campaign.

We need help to be able to do this. As a name guardian volunteer, we would allocate precious names to you and ask for you to keep an eye out for images relating to those names and create folders in a shared drive (one for each name) that can later be shared with the parents. This would involve:

Reaching out to the challenge participants who are carrying the baby’s name that you are looking after; requesting to receive pictures when they are ready. (Note we have the wording for this prepared for you).

Keeping an eye on the #CarryTheirNames hashtag on Twitter.

Monitoring the Carry Their Names Facebook group.

Please email if you are interested in becoming a Name Guardian.