Heart Fosterer ( Volunteer )

The open nature of Carry Their Names and being able to choose any challenge means that some babies names have lots of pictures over a long period of time, whereas others might just be seen once or twice for single events. We’d love to balance this out in 2020 and we’re looking for some volunteers to help us.

What’s the difference between being a name fosterer volunteer and a participant?

There are a couple of differences. Of course a participant is taking on a specific challenge and raising funds, whereas a volunteer is agreeing to help us out on an ad hoc basis. We know from last year that as a participant taking part in a challenge, you actually get very attached to the names you are carrying! Therefore, changing names, sending new names somehow just doesn’t feel right.

As a name fosterer, you would be simply looking after names for a period of time either until they are allocated to a participant, or in the circumstance where we may have not received any photos after a challenge has been completed (for whatever reason that may be). We want to make sure that every baby’s name that has been registered has a number of precious photos.

What will it involve?

If we notice a little one’s name has been registered to be carried, but has not had any photos taken after a while; we will send you a heart with that baby’s name on. We then ask you and your family to carry this heart for a time and take photos. Remember that the places names are carried are ALL very significant as they are all places our babies will never get to go. A walk, a trip to the park, feeding the ducks; all are so poignant and just as important as something that may sound more adventurous. You may be sent a number of different names over the course of the campaign.

Please email contact@mamaacademy.org.uk if you are interested in becoming a Heart Fosterer.