MAMA Wellbeing Wallet for Antenatal Notes

£2.00 inc VAT

Keep your antenatal notes safe in a MAMA Wellbeing Wallet. You can also Fund a Folder for another mum-to-be.


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MAMA Wellbeing Wallets are PVC zip-lock pouches to protect hand-held antenatal notes. The wallets are printed front and back with key health messages to help mums have safer pregnancies. Can be used to keep scan photo’s and CTG traces safe.

By selecting our “Fund a Folder”option, you will enable us to provide more wallets to maternity units for free.

Also available to NHS trusts, antenatal teachers and independent midwives. Please email for a complimentary trial batch and bulk prices.

Please note:

Your Wellbeing Wallet will be sent to your Paypal address

By “funding a folder”, you will not receive a wellbeing wallet but instead your donation will go into our wallet fund to provide wallets to maternity units for free.