Antenatal Classes

Are you looking for an antenatal course to empower you through birth and beyond? Then look no further!

In these series of videos, Marie Louise, also known as The Modern Midwife, shares all the information you need to know about pregnancy, preparing for birth PLUS Hypnobirthing.


Guiding you through your pregnancy, equipping you with the tools to make informed decisions, preparing you for the changes your body will be going through, and how to look after both your mind and body throughout your pregnancy journey.

Incorporating antenatal advice, pregnancy safe workouts and yoga, hypnobirthing to help prepare for your birth and lessons on understanding birth as and when it happens.

This course supports you to understand the role of a midwife and your antenatal care pathway, help you make a birth plan, fear dump and get ready to welcome your baby into the world. We hope you complete the course feeling calm, confident and in control. 8 hours of content.


Episodes include:
  • What happens to your body and why (34 mins)
  • What to expect from your antenatal appointments and the role of your midwife (18 mins)
  • Looking after your body and your mind (25 mins)
  • Mental health during pregnancy (40 mins)
  • Fear free birth (37 mins)
  • The role of your birth partner (23 mins)
  • Antenatal worries with Malene (30 mins)
  • Physiotherapy (24 mins)
  • Kundalini yoga with Kat – Marie’s doula (18 mins)
  • Your pregnancy workout with Robyn Nash (32 mins)
  • Overdue birth (42 mins)
  • Understanding birth – Going into labour (40 mins)
  • Understanding birth – Giving birth (28 mins)
  • Assisted birth (14 mins)
  • C Section (30 mins)
  • Hypnobirthing – Early and active labour (22 mins)
  • Hypnobirthing and pushing (22 mins)


It is very common for pregnant women to focus so much on pregnancy and birth that postnatal planning can often be forgotten.

This course runs through what to plan and prepare for. Your focus will naturally be your precious new baby, but this focuses very much on you as a new mother. It covers feeding your baby and what your newborn really needs, but also your postpartum recovery, as well as navigating modern motherhood. There’s a fantastic episode with Dr Rebecca Moore, consultant perinatal psychiatrist to support you with your mental health. This course is a very important one to watch.

3 hours of content.


The postnatal section contains:
  • 9 video episodes (over 3 hours of content)
  • Information on all aspects of the postnatal period
  • Collaboration with special guests
  • Downloadable checklists (where relevant)
Episodes include:
  • The first 24 hours – Part I (19 mins)
  • The first 24 hours – Part II (17 mins)
  • Your physical recovery (40 mins)
  • Caring for your newborn in partnership with WaterWipes (34 mins)
  • Sleeping in the 4th Trimester by Sarah Patel from Teach to Sleep (9 mins)
  • Feeding your baby – Part I – in partnership with Elvie (30 mins)
  • Feeding your baby – Part II (30 mins)
  • Protecting your postnatal self in collaboration with Cocoon Family Health (30 mins)
  • Postnatal fitness by Robyn Tennison from Tennison Fitness (31 mins)
  • Talking about birth trauma by Dr Rebecca Moore (15 mins)