RCOG release new guidelines on Chickenpox in pregnancy

Published on: 23/02/2015

These new guidelines cover the prevention of chickenpox in pregnancy, management of those women who do develop it, treatment options, mode of delivery, risks to the baby, advice on breastfeeding and recommendations for future research. The guidelines also highlight the need for women to be told at booking appointments that they should avoid contact with it and seek medical advice if they develop any symptoms.

RCM director for midwifery Louise Silverton said:

“Midwives will need to discuss this with all women particularly new migrants who may be unaware if they have had it and may have limited language and understanding.”

Dr Manish Gupta, co-chair of the RCOG Guidelines Committee added:

“Chickenpox is very contagious so it is important that women are aware of the symptoms and the necessity to seek medical attention promptly. It is also vital that clinicians are aware of the increased morbidity associated with chickenpox in pregnant women and ensure that the woman receives the best possible care.”

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