MAMA Academy Welcomes New NHS Guidance on Paid Leave for Staff Experiencing Miscarriage

Published on: 15/03/2024

MAMA Academy applauds the National Health Service (NHS) in England for its compassionate and groundbreaking initiative to support staff undergoing the profound sorrow of miscarriage. In an unprecedented move, the NHS has announced that its staff members who suffer a miscarriage will be entitled to up to 10 days of additional paid leave, with this policy extending to their partners as well who are entitled to 5 days additional leave. This initiative, outlined in the NHS’s recent statement, represents a significant step forward in recognizing and addressing the emotional and physical toll of pregnancy loss. The NHS’s comprehensive approach, which includes paid leave for attending necessary appointments and occupational health support upon return to work, sets a new standard for workplace support in such difficult times.

Heidi Eldridge, CEO of MAMA Academy, expresses her enthusiasm for the new policy: “MAMA Academy is delighted to see the NHS supporting bereaved parents and their partners through their initial time of need. We encourage all employers throughout the UK to adopt similar guidance to support their staff during the extremely traumatising experience of losing a baby.”

The NHS’s policy not only acknowledges the need for time to grieve and heal but also addresses the importance of mental and physical health support during such a vulnerable period. This aligns closely with MAMA Academy’s mission to ensure that every pregnancy ends with a healthy baby and healthy parents. The adoption of such policies by the NHS, the UK’s largest employer, sends a powerful message about the importance of compassionate and comprehensive support for employees during times of personal crisis. MAMA Academy stands with the NHS, Tommy’s, the Miscarriage Association, and other organisations in welcoming this policy and hopes it will inspire similar actions across all sectors.

We believe that such policies are not just beneficial for the individuals directly affected but also for the broader community, fostering a culture of understanding, support, and care that transcends the workplace. MAMA Academy is committed to working alongside the NHS and other partners to advocate for and implement policies that support families through the heartbreak of pregnancy loss, ensuring that no one has to face such challenges alone.