Theia’s Mum contacted us to let us know that she had the confidence to question being dismissed, following reading the advice on our Wellbeing Wallets. Read Lisa’s story here:

“I had my first miscarriage in 2002 and was undergoing investigations for infertility when I fell pregnant with our first daughter in 2003. Bella was born in 2004. We then went on to have a son in 2006 and another in 2007. Having thought we couldn’t have any children we truly felt blessed.

After a few years when they started school we dared to question if our family was complete. After much debate we decided if we were lucky enough we would like another two chdren. Greedy eh! Then ensued the loss of 4 babies. It sounds awful to say but some easier than others. Even friends would say ‘oh but at least you have the big 3’!!! We loved every one of our babies. We then found out we were pregnant again in 2017….with my first daughter I had a pretty horrific time which led to bonding issues and all sorts. My midwife with my second child was an angel. Harrison is 12 now and I’m still in contact with her. She runs pregnancy exercise classes ‘baby fit’. She changed my life with my babies and she gave me my wellbeing wallet with our 4th precious baby (9th pregnancy and whatever the outcome was going to be our last). At a routine appointment I mentioned to my midwife that itchy skin on my upper arms was driving me crazy. She said its probably dry skin, use some moisturiser. The itching,  it drove me mad all night, itching scratching itching scratching. I told her this and she dismissed it.

Thank goodness for the wellbeing wallet sat on the kitchen side. It gave me the confidence to say specifically what my concerns were and to be taken seriously when  I telephoned the midwife unit at the hospital, who were amazing and they got me in straight away for blood tests. I had facts and real info to quote, not just a neurotic woman having a rainbow baby. Despite having had a check up that day with the midwife, my bloods were elevated and I was diagnosed with ICP. So ensued tears, panic attacks, nightmares of babies that would never arrive and stillbirth. The hospital monitored me weekly and pretty much took over my care.

It could have been a different story if I hadn’t had the information from the wallet and had allowed myself to be dismissed. Thank you Mama Academy from the bottom of my heart.”

Thank you so much Lisa for getting in touch and sharing your story.

If you have been affected by ICP, you can find support here. If you experience itching in your pregnancy, don’t hesitate to make that call to your maternity unit and get assessed straight away.