• Focus week on Maternal Mental Health

    The Perinatal Mental Health Partnership’s campaign to highlight the issue of mental illness during and following...

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  • Can we predict which early babies need extra support?

    A specialist unit in Edinburgh has been studying the effect of premature birth on brain development and how to imp...

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  • Experts urge for flour to be fortified with folic acid

    A recent study has urged for flour producers to fortify flour with folic acid to protect babies from neural tube d...

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  • High rates of mental health problems during pregnancy

    A study carried out by King’s College London has found that one in four women in their test study were diagnosed...

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  • Rising Infant Mortality Rate

    That latest figures on infant mortality have been released from the Office for National Statistics and demonstrate...

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  • Wellbeing Wallets for Shrewsbury & Doncaster

    MAMA Academy are thrilled to announce their MAMA Wellbeing Wallets are now being distributed to all pregnant women...

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  • NICE calls for more support for pre-term babies

    NICE have advised in their latest draft quality standard, that families are not being adequately supported when ha...

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  • Mother & Baby

    IMUK Loses Challenge Against NMC

    In December 2016, The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) issued a decision that the indemnity cover that Indepen...

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  • UK mortality rates for babies still unacceptablePregnancy could cost you your job

    MBRRACE Intrapartum Stillbirths Report Launched

    MBRRACE-UK release “Perinatal Confidential Enquiry: Term, Singleton, Intrapartum Stillbirth and Intrapartum Rela...

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  • Not enough being done to prevent stillbirth

    New Maternity Strategy To Reduce Stillbirths

    The government has announced a new maternity strategy to reduce the number of stillbirths as part of plans to make...

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  • New stillbirth prevention i-learn module launches

    MAMA Academy is thrilled to launch it's first ever I-learn module for professionals. In collaboration with The Roy...

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  • Midwife News

    New Stillbirth Hub launches for professionals

    MAMA Academy is delighted to have been involved with the development of the new Stillbirth Information Hub by NHS...

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