Baby Devin - A Little Life Saved with MAMA Wellbeing Wallets

Published on: 08/10/2018

We have an amazing story to share with you. Meet gorgeous baby Devin and his Mum and Dad.

Eight weeks ago, Lucy was 28 weeks pregnant and she started feeling reduced movements.  After looking at her MAMA Wellbeing Wallet she decided to attend the birth centre to get checked out. She was monitored and it was discovered that the baby was compromised. The decision was made to deliver baby Devin at 28 weeks. Lucy was due to have a diabetes test the day after Devin was delivered and part of her had been thinking “oh just wait to see the midwife on that day and they will listen to the heart beat then”. However, because the wallet stressed that she should call IMMEDIATELY, Lucy  felt confident enough to call straight away and get checked out.

After 8 weeks in the Neonatal Unit, (which was the most difficult time in their lives) baby Devin was able to go home on Friday and is now safely in his Mum and Dad’s arms. How amazing is that?

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that our Wellbeing Wallets made a difference. Thank you so much Lucy for sharing your story and your beautiful little boy with us.

Lucy is eager to spread the message to pregnant ladies that there is no concern that should be put off in pregnancy. You should always trust your instincts. If in doubt, always get checked out.