Midwifery Study Days

Revalidation is the process that all nurses and midwives in the UK need to follow to maintain their registration with the NMC.

Revalidation will help you demonstrate that you practise safely and effectively. It will encourage you to reflect on the role of the Code in your practice and demonstrate that you are ‘living’ the standards set out within it. You will need to revalidate every three years to renew your registration.

In order to meet revalidation requirements, you will need to undertake at least 35 hours of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) including 20 hours of participatory learning during the three years prior to your renewal of revalidation. Everything you need to know about the eight elements of revalidation can be found on the NMC website. You may also find the RCM’s electronic portfolio helpful.

Below are a number of study days related to midwifery which you may wish to attend to contribute towards your CPD.


Baby Lifeline

  • CTG Masterclass:
    20th May 2019 (Sunderland)
    10th June 2019 (Peterborough)
    15th July 2019 (Birmingham)
    16th July 2019 (Birmingham)
    12th September 2019 (London)
  • Advanced CTG Masterclass:
    22nd-23rd March 2019 (London)
  • Implementing Saving Babies’ Lives – Prevention of preterm birth, growth restriction and stillbirth:
    3rd May 2019 (Bristol)
    13th September 2019 (Birmingham)
  • Implementing Saving Babies’ Lives – Ultrasound Practical Day:
    7th June 2019 (Market Harborough)
    11th October 2019 (Market Harborough)
  • Childbirth Emergencies in the Community:
    17th May 2019 (Manchester)
    25th September 2019 (Birmingham)
  • Developing “Human Factors” Skills:
    24th May 2019 (London)
    20th September 2019 (Manchester)
    15th November 2019 (Birmingham)
  • Examination of the Newborn:
    6th September 2019 (Birmingham)
    22nd November 2019 (London)
  • Resilience, Resourcefulness and Wellbeing:
    5th June 2019 (Birmingham)
    9th October 2019 (Manchester)
  • Developing Skills in Maternal Critical Care:
    14th June 2019 (Birmingham)
    4th October 2019 (London)

Please visit their website for information on their courses.


Addressing Postnatal Depression as a Healthcare Professional MOOC (Online free training)

Launching 20th May 2019

The FREE ONLINE COURSE will launch the 20th of May and run 2 more times over the next year. The coursetrains individuals to use the postnatal depression guided self-help tools we developed from the Netmums postnatal depression treatment.

For further information and to enrol visit:

https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/perinatal-mental-health-crisis or email kerry@hc-uk.org.uk


Beyond Bea Study Days

Beyond Bea Charity was established by Steph Wild in January 2018, following the death of her daughter Beatrice (Bea) at 23 weeks and 4 days’ gestation in November 2017.

First as a student, and latterly as a registered and practicing midwife, Steph has long had an interest in providing high quality bereavement care. Steph had been acutely aware that this training was sorely lacking all over the country, and where it did exist, it was often extremely limited, very expensive, or both.

Beyond Bea’s mission stems from Steph’s drive – as a midwife and as a mother – to ensure that bereavement care is better quality – and more accessible – than ever before.

Beyond Bea offers free training days to any student midwives, midwives, or associated maternity and wider healthcare professionals. These study days seek to educate, empower, and motivate delegates to feel confident in providing the best care possible to parents and families during this most devastating of experiences. Delivering a combination of technical knowledge, practical workshops, and insights from parental perspectives, Beyond Bea study days offer the finest quality training available in this hugely challenging aspect of care.

The Beyond Bea team is made up of midwives, specialist bereavement midwives, bereaved mothers and fathers as well as often including high quality guest speakers to add even more value to the training experience.

If you’re interested in arranging a Beyond Bea study day at your university, hospital or elsewhere, please get in contact via our website beyondbea.co.uk or email info@beyondbea.co.uk


HCUK Events

Return to Practice: Supporting Nurses & Midwives Returning to Practice

Monday 10 June 2019
De Vere West One Conference Centre, London

This conference focuses on effectively supporting Return to Practice Nurses and Midwives, and delivering effective Return to Practice Programmes in line with the new NMC Return to Practice Standards. Geraldine Walters CBE, Director of Education and Standards, NMCwill give an update on the Standards and learning from the consultation, andGill Goverdale, Professional Lead for Education, RCNwill cover inspiring nurses to return to practice.  The day will continue with case study presentations offering practical guidance.

For further information and to book your place visit

https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/return-to-practice or email kerry@hc-uk.org.uk

Follow the conference on Twitter #RTPNursing


Handling Concerns about Fitness to Practise: Managing Complaints and Concerns about Nurses & Midwives, and supporting Nurses & Midwives in Difficulty

Friday 21 June 2019
De Vere W1 Conference Centre, London

The conference will support you to improve processes and practice with regard to handling complaints and concerns about nurses and midwives in light of the NMC new approach to fitness to practise which was launched in September 2018. The conference will include national developments and case studies from experienced Directors of Nursing at NHS Trusts on how to effectively manage complaints or concerns about nursing practice whilst supporting the nurse involved and ensuring patient safety. The conference will update delegates on the revised NMC fitness to practise procedures which put more emphasis on local resolution.

For further information and to book your place visit 

https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/fitness-to-practise or emailkerry@hc-uk.org.uk


Saving Babies’s Lives – Reducing Stillbirth – 2nd National Conference

Thursday 11th July 2019 – The Studio Conference Centre, Manchester

This conference focuses on the important issue of Saving Babies Lives: Reducing Stillbirth, and implementing the March 2019 Version 2 of the Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle. The stillbirth rate in the UK is high relative to other similar European Countries, it has been demonstrated that the implementation of key interventions can lead to reductions in the stillbirth rate in line with the national ambition to reduce the number of stillbirths, neonatal deaths, maternal deaths and brain injuries that occur during or soon after birth by 50% by 2025.

For further information please visit:

https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/perinatal-mental-health-crisis or email kerry@hc-uk.org.uk


Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Please visit the RCOG website for information about their current courses.


Antenatal Results & Choices

The training affords practitioners the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences around issues such as communicating risk, delivering difficult news and supporting parents’ decision making. All ARC training days are £89 per person, per day. There is a 15% discount available for booking all three days at once – pay just £230 to attend all three of ARC’s highly regarded Royal College of Midwives accredited training days. Study days taking place in London on the following dates:

  • Day 1 – Communication skills and delivering difficult news -The Implications of antenatal screening and diagnosis; 9th March 2019; 13th July 2019
  • Day 2 – Supporting Parents’ Decisions (in the context of a prenatal diagnosis): 11th May 2019
  • Day 3 – When a Prenatal Diagnosis is Made: Providing Best Care: 8th June 2019

ARC also provide in-house training and workshops so please visit their website for more information. Contact miranda@arc-uk.org for any enquiries.

Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity)

The Bereavement Care Training Workshop for Healthcare Professionals (£75 for health professionals, £65 students) is run by a skilled facilitator who uses film, audio clips, presentation, discussion, reflection and group exercises to enable participants to develop their knowledge, insight and skills to provide high quality, sensitive care to parents whose baby dies, before, during or shortly after birth. Booking via SANDS

We have the following dates coming up this winter for health professionals and health visitors:

For more information see the website. Sands also offer a one day workshop for doulas (£65).

Royal College Of Midwives

  • Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board – Eating for 1, Healthy and Active for 2 (Weight Management in Pregnancy)
  • Interactive Perineal Suturing Workshop for Midwives: (Heathrow, London)
  • Downs Syndrome Association (DSA) Tell it right, start it right RCM-accredited Study Day
  • Bond Solon Essential RCM-accredited training for midwives – one day course to ensure that midwives understand and can apply legal principles to their day-to-day professional roles and ensure best practice standards.
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (NOFAS UK) – a RCM-accredited course providing education that increases knowledge and training for midwives that allows you to talk confidently to women about the risks of alcohol in pregnancy
  • RCM-accredited Online Course: The Science of Dietary Fibre and Digestive Health – for Midwives

Further details of RCM-accredited events and how to book can be found on their website

The British Journal of Midwifery

We are awaiting details of any study days available for 2019.

The Perinatal Institute

The Perinatal Institute run regular workshops for users and trainers as part of the Growth Assessment Protocol (GAP) Programme – visit the Perinatal Institute website for more details and to obtain a booking form.

Imperial College London

  • Fetal Under and Over Growth; 7th March 2019

The full programme and details of how to book can be found on their website.

M & K Update

  • Understanding Blood Results: 11th-12th March 2019 (London)
  • Understanding Blood Results: 4th-5th April 2019 (Manchester)
  • Understanding Blood Results: 25th-26th April 2019 (Edinburgh)
  • Understanding Blood Results: 21st-22nd June 2019 (York)

Please visit their website for more information and how to book.

International Stillbirth Alliance

The 2019 International Conference on Stillbirth, SIDS and Baby Survival will be held in Madrid, Spain. More information to follow as it becomes available. The International Conference will bring attendees together to share knowledge and enlighten each other in order to improve baby survival rates across the globe. This Conference is about breaking down barriers and uniting participants who have a common goal in working towards reducing the rates of stillbirth, SIDS and other unexpected baby deaths. 

The Royal Society of Medicine

You can find details of upcoming events on the RSM website.

East of England Midwives

Courses are held in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Information about courses available can be found on their Facebook page

Middlesex University

A range of courses in Hendon throughout 2018 including:

  • Breastfeeding Workshop
  • Neonatal Resuscitation
  • Perinatal Mental Health
  • Towards Midwifery-Led Care: Assessment of the Newborn Study day

Visit Middlesex University CPD web pages for more information.


Your Birthright

Study days offered focusing on the Psychology of Pregnancy and Birth, so that birth professionals can enhance care of women before, during and after birth:

  • Study days offered focusing on the Psychology of Pregnancy and Birth (see website for more details of dates and locations)
  • Team days for promoting normality and building resilience, £395 for a full day

Workshops can also be hosted specifically designed with midwives in mind, to enhance skills and satisfaction. In-service training offered tailored to your service’s needs. This can be followed up with regular consultancy to maintain quality and staff motivation. For more information on the study days and other services offered, visit their website.

Finley’s Footprints

Mel Scott is an Occupational Therapist, skilled and experienced teacher, and mother to Finley, who was sadly stillborn in 2009.  Through the charity she set up in her son’s memory, Finley’s Footprints offers presentations adaptable to suit conferences, workshops, in-service training and community groups, which are described as captivating, emotional and highly informative. From a combination of her own inspirational story, video, individual reflection, small group work and practical activity attendees can expect to return to their practice with an increased understanding of the impact of baby loss upon the parents.

A general guide to fees is £65 per hour + travel expenses (from Somerset); booking is available here. For further information please contact Mel on mel@towards-tomorrow.com.


The Hypnobirthing Association

Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training Course – This four-day course is the only RCM-accredited Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training Course in the UK that is run by midwives for midwives; for more information please visit their website.

UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative

UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative offer courses designed for health professionals working in the UK healthcare system. See website for further details and events available.

Birthsparks Ltd – MAMA Conference 2019

Birthsparks Ltd’s MAMA Conference 2019
3rd – 4th May 2019, Glasgow.

The largest independent annual midwifery and maternity conference in the UK, MaMa brings delegates from all parts of the country as well as international audience to Scotland for two days of best practice, personal and professional development and inspirational speakers

For more information and tickets, please visit their website website.