Here are just a few of the messages of support we have received. We love hearing feedback from how we have helped mums and midwives so please contact us.

“I had my first miscarriage in 2002 and was undergoing investigations for infertility when I fell pregnant with our first daughter in 2003. Bella was born in 2004. We then went on to have a son in 2006 and another in 2007. Having thought we couldn’t have any children we truly felt blessed.

After a few years when they started school we dared to question if our family was complete. After much debate we decided if we were lucky enough we would like another two chdren. Greedy eh! Then ensued the loss of 4 babies. It sounds awful to say but some easier than others. Even friends would say ‘oh but at least you have the big 3’!!! We loved every one of our babies. We then found out we were pregnant again in 2017….with my first daughter I had a pretty horrific time which led to bonding issues and all sorts. My midwife with my second child was an angel. Harrison is 12 now and I’m still in contact with her. She runs pregnancy exercise classes ‘baby fit’. She changed my life with my babies and she gave me my wellbeing wallet with our 4th precious baby (9th pregnancy and whatever the outcome was going to be our last). At a routine appointment I mentioned to my midwife that itchy skin on my upper arms was driving me crazy. She said its probably dry skin, use some moisturiser. The itching,  it drove me mad all night, itching scratching itching scratching. I told her this and she dismissed it.

Thank goodness for the wellbeing wallet sat on the kitchen side. It gave me the confidence to say specifically what my concerns were and to be taken seriously when  I telephoned the midwife unit at the hospital, who were amazing and they got me in straight away for blood tests. I had facts and real info to quote, not just a neurotic woman having a rainbow baby. Despite having had a check up that day with the midwife, my bloods were elevated and I was diagnosed with ICP. So ensued tears, panic attacks, nightmares of babies that would never arrive and stillbirth. The hospital monitored me weekly and pretty much took over my care.

It could have been a different story if I hadn’t had the information from the wallet and had allowed myself to be dismissed. Thank you Mama Academy from the bottom of my heart.”



Lucy was 28 weeks pregnant when she started feeling reduced movements.  After looking at her MAMA Wellbeing Wallet she decided to attend the birth centre to get checked out. She was monitored and it was discovered that the baby was compromised. The decision was made to deliver baby Devin at 28 weeks. Lucy was due to have a diabetes test the day after Devin was delivered and part of her had been thinking “oh just wait to see the midwife on that day and they will listen to the heart beat then”. However, because the wallet stressed that she should call IMMEDIATELY, Lucy  felt confident enough to call straight away and get checked out.

After 8 weeks in the Neonatal Unit, (which was the most difficult time in their lives) baby Devin was able to go home on Friday and is now safely in his Mum and Dad’s arms.



“When I was pregnant my midwife gave me my blue antenatal notes in a MAMA Wellbeing Wallet that had some advice printed on it.  Had I not casually glanced at the advice which instructed me to call my maternity unit immediately if I had obvious swelling of my hands and face when I was 29 weeks pregnant, I would probably not have thought anything of the puffy face I’d woken up with that morning since I’d suffered swollen feet and legs for weeks.

It transpired that I had severe pre-eclampsia. Taking action on your advice meant that my twin babies were safely delivered a couple of days later. I just wanted to let you know how important it proved to be in my case and thank you for providing it.”










Edward’s big sister Primrose was Stillborn when I was 4 days overdue for unknown reasons. Having my well-being wallet in hand (not yet supplied through the hospital) during my pregnancy with Edward, I felt confident to challenge professionals who were telling me my baby should move less towards the later stages. Edward safely arrived in October and it was lovely to have the support of Mama Academy and like minded mums throughout my pregnancy and after.”











“I have just seen a post about the symptoms of pre-eclampsia on your Facebook page and had to message.

These are absolutely brilliant!!!

I unfortunately nearly 6years ago went into hospital a week after developing swelling to my feet and ankles and not knowing, left it too late and unfortunately my daughter was born sleeping at 25wks.

It makes me so happy and overwhelmed seeing things like this and knowing even if it can prevent one mother having to feel and go through what I did then it’s working!!!

Well done to you for this and thank you!!!”


After losing my 1st baby at 20 weeks I felt truly blessed yet completely afraid to be pregnant again. This group was a sounding board for all my concerns and it gave me hope seeing photos of the new rainbows being born. Well now I have my perfect baby girl and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much for the support. It’s also inspired me to set up a face to face pregnancy after a loss support group here in Nottingham too.”











Pregnancy number 9 and baby number 4. The information on the wellbeing wallet gave me the confidence to challenge the midwife who fobbed off my itching at around 28 weeks. I ended up being monitored weekly for ICP as my levels were borderline. The understanding and support when you are convinced you will never meet your baby is invaluable, thank you MAMA Academy.”











“I just wanted to say thank you for posting the info about ICP on Facebook. I read it and started getting the symptoms a couple of days later.

If it wasn’t for your posts I wouldn’t have known it was dangerous so thank you. Because I had ICP, I was induced on the 28th September to have my baby at 39weeks. He was born at 12:36pm via c-section and weighed an amazing 10lbs 3oz!

Meet Edward Daniel who is now 5days old . And thank you for all the information you share on your page, I found it so helpful throughout this pregnancy!”


“After desperately trying for a baby for so long I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant in 2014 and I gave birth to our son Jack. We knew we always wanted another baby so when I fell pregnant in June 2015 we were delighted. My second pregnancy was a lot easier but the information on my MAMA Academy wallet was going to help me save my son towards the end of my pregnancy.

Everyone will tell you that babies don’t move around as much towards the end but that isn’t true, in fact the movements just change as they run out of room, on the 14th of March 2016 when I was 4 days overdue I realised I hadn’t felt Toby move in about 24 hours. Being a mum to a toddler didn’t give me much time to sit back and relax.

I instantly grabbed my wallet and went through it, using that information I went to the hospital. They determined that Toby had pretty much run out of room and was struggling, they said it was vital I was induced and it was a good thing I went in. I was induced the next day and he was born healthy and is now running around being a typical boy.

A lot of people might think the wallet is just a folder to stop your notes getting damaged but it could save your babies life and maybe even yours, many women go through unspeakable losses but taking time to read your wallet properly could mean everything.”

“I’ve followed the MAMA Academy Facebook page the whole way through my pregnancy and because of it, felt confident enough to continue to be monitored for reduced movements and this prevented anything happening to my baby boy.

We had Harry (first baby) on the 29/04/2017 – we were monitored with daily CTG’s from 28 weeks along with growth scans every two weeks and dopplers every week. I had an anterior placenta and was told by some midwives/doctors that this would be blocking movements despite having felt a regular pattern of movements from 23 weeks. In the end, we were induced at 37 + 2 as Harry’s growth had also dropped from 98th percentile to the 78th and he was born on the 72nd percentile. I’m now passionate in making sure people know that having an anterior placenta does not mean that you won’t feel your baby move and how important it is to stick up for yourself when you feel something isn’t right. In the end, we had the best care possible, but occasionally, I was made to feel like a nuisance by midwives and doctors, so goodness knows what may have happened to Harry if I hadn’t continued to be monitored. Thank you MAMA Academy.”

Tilly Bradshaw

“I’m thrilled that the MAMA Academy wallets are now being used within the Kettering district because if it hadn’t been for your advice I would have assumed that Charlie’s movements had lessened because I was in labour, not because he was distressed. If I hadn’t gone in when I did it is very likely that Charlie would have passed away or been severely disabled.”

“I received my Wellbeing Wallet at my 16 week midwife appointment, it’s so helpful and informative. The bright colours mean there’s no way even I can lose my notes. The information provided is so relevant and easy to read, even my 10 year old son reads it so he can help with anything if needed. These are a fantastic idea, wish I had one with my last pregnancy.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to run Brighton Marathon and promote MAMA Academy – I have had so many conversations with people about pregnancy, miscarriage and still birth since deciding to support MAMA Academy. I wore the MAMA Academy t-shirt with pride.”

“I heard about MAMA Academy via Facebook and wish I had seen it before I had given birth as it is a lot less preachy and more friendly than other information you read. It makes you less worried to get any potential abnormalities checked out without feeling guilty as the information your provide is approached in such a way that doesn’t worry you but pushes home the fact that a little check if needed wouldn’t hurt. It has a family feel (like a trusted friend giving advice not just a faceless NHS protocol). Also, my favourite part that I love about MAMA Academy is how every baby is celebrated whether the journey has been tough or not, that every baby is a miracle.”

“MAMA Academy helped me through my pregnancy with Noah. It made me more aware of movements and I actually found the site on a day where movements seemed to have slowed down and part of me was frightened to know what was happening but the other half of me, because of MAMA Academy made me pop off to Frimley Park Hospital to get checked out just in case so thank you. I have now been referred for extra monitoring.”

“I am hugely grateful for my MAMA wallet. I read all the information on it straight away. Automatically it struck me that things we often think are ‘normal’ might actually be symptoms of a problem. I learnt a lot, even though this is my second child. This information came into its own only three days after I received the wallet. I woke up with some light bleeding. Without having just read the wallet information, I think I would have just ignored it as it wasn’t heavy and I wasn’t in pain. However, the MAMA wallet gave me the knowledge, and the confidence to get it checked out. I am really relieved that I did as the doctors believe that my bleeding was probably caused by an infection and I have now been referred on for further screening and treatment”.

“I love my MAMA Academy Wellbeing Wallet and I love watching women in the waiting room reading over theirs. I’ve already heard lots of accounts of women getting in touch with their midwife for various reasons because of the information on them which is incredible! Such a brilliant idea.”

“During my 3rd pregnancy, I was understandably scared & anxious as I had suffered a previous miscarriage. Thankfully I found MAMA Academy. The website provided the reassurance, encouragement & knowledge I needed to feel in control & educated about my pregnancy.”

“MAMA Academy’s Wellbeing Wallets are practical and informative. It gave me more confidence in myself and in calling the midwife for reassurance. I think mums sometimes feel they don’t want to bother health professionals but the wallet stressed the importance of speaking out if you are unsure or nervous.”

I gave birth 10,000 km away from home, in a country where I understood maybe 1 word in 10 that the medical professionals said to me. I felt confused. I didn’t know about tracking baby’s movements or the signs of pre-eclampsia. I didn’t know what the charts meant, I didn’t know what the tests were for. I believe that’s why I developed antenatal and then postnatal depression, which was undiagnosed for 3 years.

I discovered I was pregnant again on my son’s 2nd birthday. Immediately I panicked. Theoretically knowing what was coming didn’t help because the care team assumed I knew, having done it before, and I didn’t want to relive my last pregnancy, albeit without the language barrier! Enter MAMA Academy. Finally a place where I could get accurate and accessible information, a site I could refer to time and time again, knowledge at my fingertips.

I can’t tell you how different it felt. I wasn’t lost or confused, I was informed and in control. I was an active partner in my pregnancy, I understood what was going on, and the happy ending? I had a textbook pregnancy and perfect labour resulting in a beautiful baby girl, and I didn’t develop ante- or postnatal depression this time!”

“I had a few instances during my pregnancy where i felt a reduction in movements from my baby. I knew from my wallet to not wait to call the midwife if i felt unsure. Luckily all was well when i was checked out and i have given birth to a healthy baby boy. Thank you for my wallet, it kept all my information together and prompted me to seek advice if i was unsure. I think these are a brilliant idea for mums to be.”