Your MAMA Mission

How can YOU help more babies arrive safely?

Support our Made to Measure Campaign

If your trust hasn’t yet introduced GAP, email your Head Of Midwifery a link to our Made to Measure page and encourage them to call The Perinatal Institute on 0121 607 0101 to find out how to enrol on the GAP programme. You can also print our Made to Measure flyer to give to your maternity team.

Sign our petition asking all Head’s of Midwifery to adopt GAP in their maternity unit.

If your baby was effected by IUGR, we would love to add you to our list of case studies for media requests so please email us a summary of your experience to

If you would like to get involved as a campaign ambassador, please email us so we can update you on opportunities in your area. Please include which town and the constituency you live in. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fund a Folder

Sponsor a MAMA Wellbeing Wallet for another expectant mum to educate them with key information throughout their pregnancy. The more funding we receive, the more wallets we can provide to trusts for free.

Distribute our MAMA Wellbeing Wallets

Whether you’re a trust, antenatal group or children’s centre, we can provide you with batches of our Wellbeing Wallets to give to mums-to-be to educate them on key pregnancy info wherever they go. Please email us for more information.

Share your story

We love sharing pregnancy and birth stories for other mums to learn from as well as inspiring midwifery ones so email us yours to share.


Have your say about how your local maternity service can be improved by contacting your local MVP (Maternity Voices Partnership).

MVP’s are local groups made up of all the people involved in providing and receiving maternity care including midwives, parents-to-be and maternity service supporters.

It is an opportunity for you to share your ideas and give feedback on the maternity care you received. You can find out if your area has a MVP group here.


You can write to your local MP to ask them to support your cause and help raise awareness of baby loss. You can also arrange a one-to-one meeting with them at their constituency surgery. To find out who your local MP is, visit Address your letter to the name of your MP, House of Commons, London and no stamp is required.

The following organisations are promoting lobbying and writing to your MP for change in health practices. You may wish to include their campaign details in your MP letter.

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