Tandem Skydives

Who wants to soar through the skies and “Jump For MAMA”?

We have partnered with Skyline Parachuting to offer this fantastic opportunity which promises you the experience of a lifetime! Raise a minimum of £450 for MAMA Academy and we will pay your jump cost! Tandem skydive at 10,000 feet for just a £70 deposit! Email us for more details or visit Skyline Parachuting for a list of skydiving centres around the country.


Your fundraising efforts will help us continue our vital work to prevent stillbirth and promote more healthy and positive pregnancies. We have had several successful jumps so far, with more lined up….will you be next? Our first ever volunteer jumps were by 3 student midwives from the University of Bradford, here is their story:

It was such a huge honour to be able to raise funds for MAMA Academy by completing a skydive last September. When we set up the University of Bradford Midwifery Society, we chose MAMA to be our charity of the year. We raised funds over the year through stalls at our study days, and as the end of the academic year approached, we wanted to do something big to mark it….


We noticed that MAMA were looking for people to undertake this challenge, and after a bit of daring each other, we were decided! We had great support from the MAMA team, and it was really easy to get set up with a skydive centre and fundraising page. We then promoted the event amongst our friends, families, and supporters of our midwifery society. We contributed some of the costs ourselves, donned aprons and put on cake sales, and even posed outside university in our MAMA t-shirts for silly photos.

On the day, we were nervous but very excited as we had our pictures taken and shot a little video about our motivation for the event and how much money we had raised. We took to the skies in a little plane, and flew to around 12,000 feet before preparing to leave the plane. One by one, we jumped tandem with our instructors, in freefall before popping our parachutes with our families cheering us on many feet below. As we coasted over the beautiful Durham Countryside it was a huge thrill to think about what we had achieved to help MAMA Academy continue their work.


In total we raised just over £2000 for MAMA Academy, and are grateful to all the people who sponsored us and supported us. We can’t stress enough how amazing it was, or the difference it makes to a charity like MAMA. Please consider doing it yourself, and get in touch with MAMA for more information!”

Kate, Gemma and Abbie xxx