Set Your Challenge

You can be as imaginative as you like with your challenge! See below for ideas. We want to see just how far and how many places we can #CarryTheirNames. Find the registration form below.

What will your challenge be?


Set a number of places to visit and / or miles to complete.

You can choose any challenge, from a single event, to something that you complete over time as a group. Take a look below at some examples from 2019.

We lose a whole lifetime when a baby dies. Let’s help raise awareness of this by carrying their names to places they will never get to go and raise funds to help save future little lives #InTheirMemory.

We only ask that you #CarryTheirNames and share your pictures

Just some of the adventures precious names have been carried on so far. As you can see, there is a great mixture, from mileage challenges to simply visiting places; from single events to adventures over time. Many participants involved their close and wider families and friends in their challenges to help carry their names.


How do I join?

Complete the registration form below. Then set up a fundraising page. We will send you:

  • A welcome letter with tips.
  • A heart / hearts to carry per person (each with a baby’s name on.)
  • Sponsorship forms.

Please email if you need help setting up your fundraising page.

What happens when the challenge is completed?

Send us photos of you completing your challenge, or tag us in public posts via social media using the #CarryTheirNames hashtag. We will then send you:

  • A medal per participant.
  • A 2021 calendar of the best photographs which will include all of the babies names that were carried.

How much do I need to raise?

The minimum amount to be raised per registration (whether you are a group, family or individual) is £200 in total.

What is the money being raised for?

The money is being raised to assist with our work in saving future little lives. This includes being able to provide all of our life saving literature, keeping our website up to date and developing new initiatives to ensure we are constantly and consistently spreading our messages that continue to save babies lives.
Last year, the money raised has enables us to re-design parts of our website and develop a replacement for our Wellbeing Wallets for those going digital; an essential project in ensuring our safer pregnancy information does not get lost in the digital world!

Is this just for bereaved parents to take part?

NO! Absolutely not. We want to bring everyone together for this campaign. All we ask is that you are willing to carry a baby’s name with you during your challenge.

Carry Their Names Challenge Medals Carry their names challenge - Heidi Skiing Carry Their Names Challenge Medals