Set Your Challenge

You can be as imaginative as you like with your challenge! See below for ideas. We want to see just how far and how many places we can #CarryTheirNames. Find the registration form below.

**Registration for Carry Their Names is now closed for 2019**

The Mileage Challenge


Set a challenge to help keep you / your family healthy. How many miles could you complete from now until the end of October? Or choose just one challenge.

Set a number of miles to complete as a family over time. You can walk, run, cycle, swim them. Even the school run counts! Set one challenge – climb a mountain, complete a local run, walk so many miles in one day.

We only ask that you #CarryTheirNames and share your pictures

The Awareness Challenge


We lose a whole lifetime when a baby dies. Let’s help raise awareness of this by carrying their names to places they will never get to go.

They don’t have to be crazy places! We’re thinking of places our babies will never get to go and a real family challenge. Examples could be: School P.E class, a roller coaster ride, a football class, a trip to the park, an aeroplane trip….

We only ask that you #CarryTheirNames and share your pictures


How do I join?

Complete the registration form below. Then set up a fundraising page. We will send you:

  • A welcome letter with tips.
  • A hearts / hearts to carry per person (each with a baby’s name on.)
  • Sponsorship forms.

Please email if you need help setting up your fundraising page.

What happens when the challenge is completed?

Send us photos of you completing your challenge, or tag us in public posts via social media using the #CarryTheirNames hashtag. We will then send you:

  • A medal per participant.
  • A banner to carry for one last mile (see below.)

What is the banner?

October will see the end of our challenges and also the end of baby loss awareness month. We will send one banner per registration containing ALL of the babies names that have been carried. We request that all participants complete one last mile / visit one last place (of your choice) carrying the banner with all of the names included.

Can you inspire me with challenge ideas?

Some ideas:

  • 100 miles and 20 places visited by October as a family.
  • Feeling like a big challenge? 500 miles by October! You can include walks to school, the shops and even miles on a treadmill.
  • Visit 50 places by October. These don’t have to be crazy places. Carrying their names on a trip to the park, to a football class or swimming lesson are all so meaningful for our challenge.
  • Challenge yourself to a marathon / half marathon. The challenge can be just one event. You’ll still #CarryTheirNames whilst training.
  • Climb a mountain or three (three peaks anyone?)

How much do I need to raise?

The minimum amount to be raised per registration (whether you are a group, family or individual) is £200 in total.

What is the money being raised for?

The money is being raised to provide our life saving stillbirth prevention packs to hospitals who do not yet receive them. These include our Wellbeing Wallets for pregnant women; leaflets in different languages, posters and difficult conversation prompts for midwives. See our section below on babies lives already saved thanks to our prevention packs.

Is this just for bereaved parents to take part?

No! Absolutely not. We want to bring everyone together for this campaign. All we ask is that you are willing to carry a baby’s name with you during your challenge.


**Registration for Carry Their Names is now closed for 2019**

Carry Their Names Challenge Medals Carry their names challenge - Heidi Skiing Carry Their Names Challenge Medals