12 Days Of Christmas Fitness

Can you complete our fitness challenge this Christmas time?

Over 900 exercises in 12 days – we challenge you to take on an extra exercise every day between the 1st – 12th December!

Get motivated this December by joining MAMA Academy and carrying out the following exercises in your own home. No equipment is needed and we will add an extra exercise every day. We will start with 12 squats on Day 1, 12 squats + 12 press ups on Day 2 and so on until we are completing 936 reps on Day 12! You can even post your fitness video’s on social media with #12DaysOfChristmasFitness to inspire your friends to join you.

**Please note – this fitness challenge is not suitable if you’re currently pregnant**


Make sure you are ready to go on the 1st December by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Join our Facebook Group to meet other challengers and watch our fitness video to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.
  2. Start a Facebook Fundraiser (we can help you do this from the Facebook Group) and you will receive a free MAMA Academy pin badge! If you raise £100, we we also send you a MAMA T Shirt and if you raise £200, you will receive a MAMA Hoody – perfect for the winter!
  3. Fill out the registration form below…

If at any time you feel ready for our advanced challenge, let us know in the Facebook Group and we will make our fitness challenge even harder for you!

Thank you for supporting us in helping more babies arrive safely.