Carry My Baby's Name


Register your baby’s name to be carried during our Carry Their Names campaign.

Baby’s Name * 

Permission * 

I give permission for my baby’s name to be passed to a challenge participant and understand that photos of my baby’s name being carried will be taken and shared publicly across Social Media networks to help raise awareness and perhaps also added to the MAMA Academy website.


Our #CarryTheirNames campaign sees participants carrying babies names during their chosen activities. Each challenge will be totally different and unique and decided by the participant themselves.

You don’t need to take part in a challenge yourself. You can simply ask for your baby’s name to be carried by another family / individual.

What happens once I have registered my baby’s name? 

Your baby’s name will get sent on a heart as shown on the image to a participant taking on a challenge. They will then carry your baby’s name whilst completing their challenge.

Participants are asked to share images of themselves carrying their hearts using the #CarryTheirNames hashtag. Some might choose to do one big challenge in one go, like climb a mountain; others might choose to complete an amount of miles over a period of time which may include ordinary tasks like school runs etc. These tasks are just as significant as we are raising awareness of all the things / places our babies will never get to go / see.

The banner

The end of October will see the end of baby loss awareness month and we will be sending all of our participants a banner containing ALL of the babies names registered with #CarryTheirNames. We ask for them to complete one last mile / visit one last place of their choice while carrying the banner.