New baby death review tool

Published on: 09/06/2017

The Government has commissioned a tool to improve in-hospital reviews of care following the death of a baby, in collaboration with MBRRACE-UK.

The Perinatal Mortality Review Tool, or PMRT, will be a free online tool available to hospitals to help them understand why a baby has died, as well as if there are any lessons that can be learnt. As well as this, the tool will include ways to give parents an opportunity to be involved and share their views of their care and receive feedback once the review is completed.

MAMA Academy and other charities such as SANDS have been calling for hospitals to improve their understanding around the death of a baby for many years. Whilst not all can be prevented, it is recognised that 6 out of 10 stillbirths occurring near a baby’s due date, are potentially avoidable. Several reports have also called for robust review processes, included the National Maternity Review, Better Births and the Kirkup Report.

This collaborative project will include key stakeholders, including Sands, RCOG and RCM.  The tool will be piloted this summer, and available by the end of 2017.


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