Crisis in midwifery education looms

Published on: 19/06/2017

Large numbers of midwifery lecturers are on the verge of leaving their jobs, according to a new RCM survey.

37% of lecturers, surveyed from over 60 UK Universities, stated that they wish to leave their jobs in the next two years. This has raised fears regarding the potential impact it would have on the future workforce, exacerbating the current shortage of midwives.

The survey also reported that 84% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I can only get my work done if I work beyond my contracted hours”.

RCM Chief Executive, Cathy Warwick, said: “Our research shows very clearly that our midwife educators are under enormous pressure. They are coping with excessive demands and feeling under stress trying to meet those demands. This is not sustainable…

It is absolutely critical for the future of midwifery and maternity services that we invest in our midwifery educator workforce. They are the people training future generations of midwives. Without them we simply cannot train the right number of students to come into the workforce. This, in turn, will worsen the midwife shortage and this will have an impact on the safety and quality of care.”


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