Easter Egg Hunt

We would love for you to take part in our brand NEW and completely FREE Virtual Easter Egg Treasure Hunt this coming April to celebrate our 10th Anniversary of saving babies’ lives.

An unlimited number of players can take part in this amazing team-building activity. Lift your spirits, enjoy the beginning of Spring and have some light-hearted fun. You could also play this fun activity with your family and friends anywhere within the UK.

Start thinking about the best hiding places for our special virtual Easter Eggs. Where could you hide them to make sure they won’t find them!? Have fun with the idea! Why not wear a bunny costume or bunny ears while competing with your colleagues, family, or friends? Guaranteed fun for everyone. You can thank us later.

Please note that you will need a smartphone and printer in order to play.

Download the game now: https://thyg.uk/AUU91863