Thank Your Midwife

Say thank you to your midwife by expressing your gratitude on our very special page! You can then send your midwife this link for them to view your appreciation. Send your messages of thanks to

Midwives if you are on this page it’s because a Mum would like to show their appreciation for the incredible work you do. Be encouraged by reading their message of thanks. You are truly valued and do an amazing job. Thank you for making a difference.

“I would like to thank my midwife Alison Orlopp, Community Midwife (Bury Team) for providing excellent care at all times mixed with her wonderful sense of humour and warm personality. For being supportive of my decision to home birth against medical advice, always respecting my decisions and championing the normality of birth. She gave me the courage and self belief to achieve my dream in February this year and I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my midwife and looking after me so well.”
Stephanie and baby Isabelle Thorp

“I would like to thank Kath Murphy who was at North Manchester General in 1993 when I gave birth to my first child, Amanda. It was a water birth, the first baby Kath had delivered in a birthing pool. She was fabulous and very sensitive and I have only positive memories of my labour and birth due to her. She even stayed on after her shift ended to be there for the birth which was imminent. She gave me the confidence to go for a home birth for my second, also in a birthing pool. Thank you again, Kath.”
Helen Woodruffe-Burton

“My midwife Jane Kirby (Braunton North Devon) was an absolute saint. I was so terrified throughout the whole of my pregnancy after losing my first baby but she never got short tempered with me or lost her patience and for that I can never thank her enough xxx”
Sherri Babb

“The midwife I had with my last little girl was invaluable she recognised something was wrong even before the doctors did her knowledge and 20 years experience kept me and my baby safe and responded quickly when she had to be ressucitated amazing work they do.”
Emma O’Kane

“I had amazing midwives with all 5 of my children, the one I will remember forever was the one who delivered my baby girl, she was so comforting and her quick actions got me into surgery to save my life, I’m eternally grateful to her, the love and comfort she gave to my family and myself was like a mother to her daughter. Midwives should all be recognised as amazing people, after all they are bringing new lives into the world, such an important job.”
Lisa Capuano Robinson

“I’ve never felt more vulnerable in my life than during pregnancy, labour and the first hours afterwards. The knowledge, kindness and support of a good midwife can guide you through this terrifying, but amazing experience and make it positive and empowering. Without that support it can very quickly become a very horrible and scary time.”
Lily Staunton