• NICE preterm birth guidelines

    The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have this months opened up their draft guidelines...

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  • Baby born after ovary frozen in childhood

    Baby born from ovary frozen during childhood

    A woman in Belgium has become the first in the world to give birth to a baby following a tissue transplant using o...

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  • UK mortality rates for babies still unacceptablePregnancy could cost you your job

    UK mortality rate for babies still unacceptable

    A new report published by MBRRACE-UK - the Perinatal Mortality Surveillance Report- has found that the number...

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  • New Green-top guidelines on blood transfusions

      The RCOG have released a new Green-top guideline on the use of blood transfusions. Obstetric haemorrhage is...

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  • Antidepressant use during pregnancy

    A study published this week in JAMA, suggests that use of antidepressants late in pregnancy may be associated with...

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  • MAMA Academy partners with forte medical creators of peezy

    MAMA Academy partners with creators of Peezy

    MAMA Academy are proud to announce a partnership with Forte Medical, specialists in specimen collections and creat...

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  • Positive effects of exercise in pregnancy

    Research published this week in the BJOG has show some very encouraging results regarding exercise during pregnanc...

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  • New Mums feel breastfeeding pressure

    A poll of more than 2000 new mothers commissioned by Netmums’ new YouTube channel “Channel Mum” has revealed...

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  • Guidance on working with young parents

    The publication “Getting maternity services right for pregnant teenagers and young fathers” produced by the RC...

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  • UK mortality rates for babies still unacceptable

    Mums and Families in Mind

    The “Mums and Families in Mind” project developed by The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) and the Maternal Menta...

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  • Mum gives birth to 12lb 4oz baby

    Mum gives birth to 12lb 4oz baby

    A bouncing 12lb 4oz baby boy has been born in Warrington Hospital to proud parents, Keely and Michael. The couple ...

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  • Drinking alcohol in early pregnancy

    Researchers from the University of Helsinki have been undertaking studies to try to learn more about the process b...

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