• New screening tests

      From this week every trust in England will now be offering a new combined screening test to expectant par...

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  • Why babies all over the world are sleeping in boxes

    It's a tradition that dates back to the 1930s. In Finland every new mother, regardless of background or income, ge...

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  • Men B vaccine petition update

    Offering the meningitis B vaccine to all children is "not cost effective" and would be a waste of NHS money, the U...

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  • Induction for older women

    The induction of mothers aged 35 and over does not impact on cesarean rates or adversely affect mothers and newbor...

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  • Birth rates at an all time low

    NHS Care Bundle Launched to Save Babies Lives

    Today NHS England publish their "Saving Babies Lives Care Bundle" to reduce stillbirth in the UK. Sadly the UK cur...

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  • Stress a serious problem for Midwives

    Nearly half of midwives in England suffered work-related stress in the previous 12 months, according to the latest...

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  • Link between smoking and stillbirth

    The link between smoking and stillbirth is dose-dependent, according to new research flagged up by NICE. NICE’s ...

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  • Not enough being done to prevent stillbirth

    #MumTalk campaign launched

    Depression anxiety and other mental health problems affect up to 20% of pregnant women and left untreated can have...

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  • Baby born after ovary frozen in childhood

    Warnings about vaginal ‘seeding’

    New mothers of babies born by Caesarian Section have been warned against the controversial trend of ‘vaginal see...

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  • Charity Teddy's Wish to fund MAMA Wellbeing Wallets

    MAMA Academy is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with charity, Teddy's Wish. On a mission to reduc...

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  • Fears that Zika could be linked to stillbirth

    Doctors fear that the Zika virus could possibly pose a greater threat to unborn babies than previously thought, af...

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  • Progesterone doesn't prevent pre-term birth

      A study has shown that vaginal progesterone administration, used to prevent women giving birth too early, i...

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