Twins conceived six weeks after giving birth

Published on: 17/04/2017

First time mother, Eliza Curby from Sydney, has discussed how she fell pregnant with identical twins boys just six weeks after giving birth to her first daughter.

Eliza comments in an interview, that she believed the old wives tale of ‘you can’t get pregnant if you are breastfeeding’ and states that she hadn’t even considered contraception. Her doctor now uses her case as an example to other couples when discussed contraception.

Her daughter was born in January 2016, and her twins in December 2016. She has since started writing a blog to document the life of looking after the three children.

On looking after three children under one, Eliza comments that “I feel like it has taken me eight weeks, since the boys were born, to get my head above water” and “It is like I have had to start all over again. But now it’s just everything in threes, three bibs, three baby seats – three everything”

Read the full interview here.