Here are just a few of the messages of support we have received. We love hearing feedback from how we have helped mums and midwives so please contact us.

“I’m thrilled that the MAMA Academy wallets are now being used within the Kettering district because if it hadn’t been for your advice I would have assumed that Charlie’s movements had lessened because I was in labour, not because he was distressed. If I hadn’t gone in when I did it is very likely that Charlie would have passed away or been severely disabled.”

“I received my Wellbeing Wallet at my 16 week midwife appointment, it’s so helpful and informative. The bright colours mean there’s no way even I can lose my notes. The information provided is so relevant and easy to read, even my 10 year old son reads it so he can help with anything if needed. These are a fantastic idea, wish I had one with my last pregnancy.”

“I heard about MAMA Academy via Facebook and wish I had seen it before I had given birth as it is a lot less preachy and more friendly than other information you read. It makes you less worried to get any potential abnormalities checked out without feeling guilty as the information your provide is approached in such a way that doesn’t worry you but pushes home the fact that a little check if needed wouldn’t hurt. It has a family feel (like a trusted friend giving advice not just a faceless NHS protocol). Also, my favourite part that I love about MAMA Academy is how every baby is celebrated whether the journey has been tough or not, that every baby is a miracle.”

“MAMA Academy helped me through my pregnancy with Noah. It made me more aware of movements and I actually found the site on a day where movements seemed to have slowed down and part of me was frightened to know what was happening but the other half of me, because of MAMA Academy made me pop off to Frimley Park Hospital to get checked out just in case so thank you. I have now been referred for extra monitoring.”

“I am hugely grateful for my MAMA wallet. I read all the information on it straight away. Automatically it struck me that things we often think are ‘normal’ might actually be symptoms of a problem. I learnt a lot, even though this is my second child. This information came into its own only three days after I received the wallet. I woke up with some light bleeding. Without having just read the wallet information, I think I would have just ignored it as it wasn’t heavy and I wasn’t in pain. However, the MAMA wallet gave me the knowledge, and the confidence to get it checked out. I am really relieved that I did as the doctors believe that my bleeding was probably caused by an infection and I have now been referred on for further screening and treatment”.

“I love my MAMA Academy Wellbeing Wallet and I love watching women in the waiting room reading over theirs. I’ve already heard lots of accounts of women getting in touch with their midwife for various reasons because of the information on them which is incredible! Such a brilliant idea.”

“During my 3rd pregnancy, I was understandably scared & anxious as I had suffered a previous miscarriage. Thankfully I found MAMA Academy. The website provided the reassurance, encouragement & knowledge I needed to feel in control & educated about my pregnancy.”

“MAMA Academy’s Wellbeing Wallets are practical and informative. It gave me more confidence in myself and in calling the midwife for reassurance. I think mums sometimes feel they don’t want to bother health professionals but the wallet stressed the importance of speaking out if you are unsure or nervous.”

I gave birth 10,000 km away from home, in a country where I understood maybe 1 word in 10 that the medical professionals said to me. I felt confused. I didn’t know about tracking baby’s movements or the signs of pre-eclampsia. I didn’t know what the charts meant, I didn’t know what the tests were for. I believe that’s why I developed antenatal and then postnatal depression, which was undiagnosed for 3 years.

I discovered I was pregnant again on my son’s 2nd birthday. Immediately I panicked. Theoretically knowing what was coming didn’t help because the care team assumed I knew, having done it before, and I didn’t want to relive my last pregnancy, albeit without the language barrier! Enter MAMA Academy. Finally a place where I could get accurate and accessible information, a site I could refer to time and time again, knowledge at my fingertips.

I can’t tell you how different it felt. I wasn’t lost or confused, I was informed and in control. I was an active partner in my pregnancy, I understood what was going on, and the happy ending? I had a textbook pregnancy and perfect labour resulting in a beautiful baby girl, and I didn’t develop ante- or postnatal depression this time!”